'Hostage Video': Fox News' Jen Griffin Shocked at Blinken's Videotaped Afghanistan Withdrawal Speech

AP Photo/Alex Brandon, Pool

As the last United States planes departed Afghanistan Monday, myriad questions remained. Many Americans were unable to get to Kabul airport, making Joe Biden the first U.S. president in memory to leave American citizens behind enemy lines, despite saying it would not happen.


Embattled Secretary of State Antony Blinken took the stage for an early evening address and said he could not determine how many Americans remain in Afghanistan. It was unclear whether the speech was pre-taped, but his mannerisms and eye contact were awkward. Fox News national security correspondent Jennifer Griffin said Blinken appeared to be in a hostage video.

“I thought that the secretary of state’s statement, which was videotaped and he was looking slightly off-camera, I mean it looked like a hostage video. It was not the kind of production values that you would expect for such a moment in time,” Griffin said.

Regarding Afghan partners fearful of reprisal by the Taliban or ISIS, Blinken claimed, “We’ve gotten many out but many are still there. We will keep working to help them. Our commitment to them has no deadline.”

Retired Marine Johnny Joey Jones, who lost his legs to an IED while serving in Afghanistan, took umbrage at Blinken’s comments afterward.

“I don’t trust politicians or this type of diplomacy, but I believe in the men and women I served with,” Jones told Tammy Bruce on Fox News. “And when the secretary of state tells me the people who killed my brothers and took my legs can earn our trust, thank God this is television news and not just a casual conversation, because I’d have words for him nobody wants to hear.”


Earlier, CENTCOM Commander and U.S. Marine Corps Gen. Frank McKenzie confessed that we left hundreds of people behind, then inexplicably had kind words for the Taliban.

“I know what it means to be bleed with men and women and hold their hand when they take their least breath,” Jones explained, before castigating McKenzie. “I’d never look them in the face and say trash like that. You can say you’re proud of this mission…but to be a spin doctor for an organization that literally tortures people, oppresses them, and kills them, how dare you ever look troops in the face again and order them into combat. You just don’t get to do that.”

After no public comments on such a monumental and controversial day, Biden will speak tomorrow, after deflecting from his initial promise.




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