Even Afghanistan Is on to Him: Demonstrators Shout ‘Joe Biden, Stop Lying’

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Even before he began his life in the public “service,” the amiable grifter and pretend-president Joe Biden has been an accomplished and dedicated liar. You know it, I know it, and even the people in Afghanistan know it. After midday Islamic prayers on Friday, people all over Afghanistan joined protests against Old Joe, with some demonstrators holding banners that read “Joe Biden, stop lying.” If only! But that’s like asking The Big Guy to stop breathing. It ain’t going to happen until he finally takes off for the great walled Delaware beach house in the sky.


Reuters reported Friday that what really upset the Afghans was that Old Joe’s minions took out al-Qaeda’s aged and barely relevant top dog: “Hundreds of Afghans carried anti-American banners on Friday to protest against a U.S. drone strike that Washington says killed al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri this month.”

The Taliban, demonstrating that they have almost as sophisticated a talent for prevarication as Old Joe does, insisted that “their government had no information about Zawahiri ‘entering and living’ in Kabul” and were furious that the U.S. government obviously did have that information. Sizing up America’s dotty, weak, and feckless Commander in Chief, the jihadis “warned the United States to never repeat an attack on Afghan soil.” According to the Associated Press, the Taliban stated that “if such incidents are repeated again and if the territory of Afghanistan is violated then responsibility for any consequences will be on United States.”

Yes, it has come to this: the Taliban is now issuing warnings to the United States. This is the group that the U.S. drove from power in Afghanistan nearly twenty years ago and then, in a sign of how much things have degenerated over those two decades, bequeathed billions of dollars worth of American military hardware as our woke military flounced out of the country on its high heels, far too distracted with implementing the Leftist agenda among the rank-and-file soldiers to be concerned with something so trivial as formulating a coherent withdrawal strategy.


What’s more, thanks to Old Joe, there are tens of thousands of unvetted Afghans in the United States right now, some of whom would likely be only too happy to show America the “consequences” that the Taliban has threatened for Old Joe’s lies. If such attacks ever come to pass, they will be part of this pseudo-president’s legacy.

Reuters added that “photos shared on social media showed protesters in at least seven Afghan provinces carrying banners reading ‘Down with USA’, ‘Joe Biden, stop lying’ and ‘America is a liar.’” Well, certainly Joe Biden is, and apparently, the protestors are claiming that Old Joe has been lying about Zawahiri being in Kabul at all.

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The question is not actually as open-and-shut as it might appear to be from the media coverage. On August 2, White House spokesman John Kirby claimed that the U.S. had “visual confirmation” that Zawahiri was indeed killed, and added that it wasn’t going to get any better than that. He told CNN’s Brianna Keilar: “We do not have DNA confirmation, Brianna. We’re not going to get that confirmation. Quite frankly, Brianna, based on the multiple sources and methods that we have gathered the information from, we don’t need it.” A Biden administration official asserted that the intelligence community had “high confidence” that Zawahiri was indeed the man who was killed.


But this is the administration that killed a civilian family that had nothing to do with ISIS and touted the killing as the taking-out of a top ISIS-K commander until the evidence became too overwhelming to ignore. Did these Keystone Kops get it right this time? We may not know for a while, or ever.

AP added that “in the anti-U.S. rallies following Friday prayers, religious scholars and protesters condemned the strike that killed al-Zawahri, calling the attack a violation of international principles and in particular, the agreement that the U.S. administration signed with the Taliban on the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan.” The demonstrators carried banners proclaiming “Death to America” and “chanted against President Joe Biden.”

Oh, the ingratitude! Old Joe has sent a billion dollars to the Taliban since our ignominious withdrawal, and this is the thanks he gets. Instead of being grateful and demonstrating the success of the State Department’s longstanding hearts-and-minds strategy, the Afghans are showing yet again the abject bankruptcy of the American foreign policy establishment and its traditional approaches to problems worldwide. Besides corruption and venality, Old Joe Biden represents the last attempt of that failed establishment to impose its vision upon the world.




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