Thanks, Joe! Taliban Gives Tajik Jihadis U.S.-Made Weaponry and Vehicles

AP Photo/Khwaja Tawfiq Sediqi

They warned us this would happen. As the Taliban moved into Kabul in August, Taliban commander Muhammed Arif Mustafa told CNN: “It’s our belief that one day, mujahedin will have victory, and Islamic law will come not to just Afghanistan, but all over the world. We are not in a hurry. We believe it will come one day. Jihad will not end until the last day.” Then in early September, another Taliban commander declared: “We are happy that we are victorious. We fought for 20 years. We want Islamic law, and not just in Afghanistan.” Old Joe Biden’s handlers boosted these aspirations by allowing the Taliban to take control of billions of dollars worth of American weaponry and military vehicles, and now the Taliban have begun to share this largesse with other jihadis. They’ve now fitted out Tajik jihadis with the best in American equipment.


Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty reported Monday that “the Taliban has provided Tajik militants based along the border with Tajikistan with new military vehicles, weaponry, and other equipment over the past two weeks, security sources in Tajikistan and northeastern Afghanistan say, amid an ongoing military buildup on both sides of the frontier.”

Tajik jihadis “based in Afghanistan’s northern province of Badakhshan have been seen with U.S.-made weaponry and vehicles, including Humvees, with some of them wearing American combat gear, according to an official with Tajikistan’s state border services.”

This is a recent development: “The militants, who were previously seen carrying Kalashnikov rifles and driving old pickup trucks, received the new supplies during the past two weeks, according to the Tajik official, who spoke under condition of anonymity because he wasn’t authorized to speak to the media.”

The recipients of this American bounty are “known in Afghanistan as the Tajik Taliban.” They are members of a jihad group known as Jamaat Ansarullah (Assembly of the Helpers of Allah). This group was “established by Tajik nationals a decade ago with the goal of overthrowing the secular government in Dushanbe.”


The Taliban work closely with these Tajik rebels: “In June, Tajik officials raised concern that one of the banned group’s commanders — Muhammad Sharifov (aka Mahdi Arsalon) had been put in charge of security in five border districts in Badakhshan after they were seized by the Taliban. Last month, Tajik security officials said they were reviewing reports that the militants were planning to infiltrate into Tajikistan, an allegation rejected by the Taliban.”

While all this has been happening, the Taliban have also been cozying up to the People’s Republic of China: The jihadis reportedly “‘removed’ ethnic Uyghur fighters from Badakhshan — which also shares a 76-kilometer border with China. The militants from the Turkestan Islamic Movement were relocated to other provinces, including Nangarhar in Afghanistan’s east, the former Afghan military official said. The Al-Qaeda-linked Turkestan Islamic Movement is designated as a terrorist organization by Beijing and the United Nations. Beijing blames the group for unrest in its northwestern Xinjiang region.”

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Why wouldn’t the Taliban come to the aid of a fellow jihad group? Because there may be larger considerations involved, at least in the short term. Back in July, Taliban spokesmen stated that they considered China a “friend” and would not allow the Uyghur jihadis to operate on Afghan soil. They reiterated this in September. The Taliban likely calculated that Chinese aid was more important than jihadi solidarity, and that since Islamic law forbids jihadis to fight against an enemy they have no chance of defeating, there was no point in taking on China anyway.


The Taliban clearly had no such hesitation regarding fighting against the United States, for obvious reasons. And now, after Old Joe and his handlers made them the most sumptuously equipped terror organization in the entire world, they are in a position to share the wealth. The materiel our woke military left behind for the Taliban while our top brass was busy making sure that no one did anything to offend the jihadis on the way out will now be used to destabilize the region even further. Joe Biden’s legacy as president of the United States may not only be the global weakness of the country abroad and the corruption of its governing institutions at home; Dotty Old Joe may also end up being the world’s most successful jihad terror enabler since Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

In any case, thanks to Joe Biden and his woke generals, the Tajik jihadis are now superbly equipped. They’re likely to show their gratitude in ways that will cause even more headaches for the over generous, appallingly misruled country that inadvertently equipped them.



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