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Rare win for governmental sanity.
But GOP Armed Services chairmen say Trump's proposed spending is just 3 percent over Obama's level.
"America is prepared to lead and fight and win any contest."
Navy chief says USS John S. McCain and other incidents give "great cause for concern that there is something out there that we're not getting at."
Pence: "Our Navy is going to take the opportunity of this pause in operation to fully evaluate our training, our training processes."
Secretary of the Navy Richard V. Spencer tells Armed Services Committee that the impact of sequestration and CRs is “stunning” and “disturbing.”
Thornberry: “Every single day" under CR "does damage to the men and women of the military by denying them the resources they need."
"In the course of 3 minutes of confusion in a high traffic sea channel, the McCain was in irreversible trouble," review found.
Update: His name has been revealed.