[WATCH] The 'Presidential Address' on Afghanistan Biden Should Give--If He Had the Guts

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By now the American people understand that Joe Biden’s record of 40 years of bad foreign policy decisions is unbroken. The devastating bugout in Afghanistan is testament to that. I know mothers who more meticulously planned kiddie parties than Biden’s military and State Department “experts” “planned” this humiliating and oath-breaking debacle.


The president stammers his way through the few questions he takes on the matter. His planned speeches are not much better.

Finally, however, someone has done for Biden what his own military planners and speech writers failed to do. It’s a fantasy presidential speech, if you will. And it involves things Joe would never do: apologize, admit he was wrong, kill the bad guys with our stuff, fire people, and make it right.

In a moody black and white Instagram post, Jocko Willink, a retired Navy SEAL, popular podcaster, and motivational speaker, prefaced his “presidential speech” with, “If I were president, and I had put our country into the current situation in Afghanistan, I would tell America, our allies, our enemies, and the world something like this…”

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If only our president had the guts, foresight, and intention to do as Willink suggested in his speech.

As you know, we were set to leave Afghanistan this month and as we began the final draw down, I made some critical errors.

Namely, I underestimated the strength of the Taliban, and I overestimated the strength and capability of the friendly Afghan forces. This was my fault – and due to my mistake, the Taliban has taken control of Afghanistan.

Unfortunately, there are tens of thousands of Americans on the ground there, as well as friends and allies of America on the ground.

These people, Americans and our allies, are all stranded, and that is my fault.


Willink acknowledges the obvious: that the Taliban, what’s left of al-Qaeda, and other terrorist groups have combined to divvy up our munitions and equipment left behind by Biden in haste.

And he imagined his message to the terrorists:

In the next 48 hours, America will be in control of most major airports in Afghanistan.

Any resistance we meet from the Taliban or otherwise when we seize these airports will be destroyed completely and without mercy.

From those airports, we will conduct rapid strike rescue missions until we have recovered and evacuated all our citizens, allies and friends. Any person that interferes with these operations will be killed.

We will also recover or destroy all aircraft, vehicles, weapons and sensitive equipment we left behind. Any person utilizing, guarding, or located within close proximity to these weapons or equipment will be killed.

Once we have evacuated all friendly personnel and recovered or destroyed the weapons and equipment left behind, we will depart Afghanistan.


He ended his “address” with: “May God bless America, and my God have mercy on the souls of our enemy because we will not. That is all.”

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Positively sublime.

Watch it for yourself below.


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On Tuesday, Joe Biden announced he’d get everyone “who wants to” leave out of Afghanistan by August 31, the Taliban timetable.

He really, really means it this time, Mr. Taliban, sir.

And the world groaned.


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