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global warming

"Trump made a pledge to the coal miners of America – 70,000 workers out of 320 million people."
Landrieu: "America First" can't mean "America Only."
To disregard environment "is to dishonor the God who made us and that's what we're doing."
“The conservative position would be to say, ‘What if the scientists are right?'" says Brainard.
Obama: "Even in the absence of American leadership" localities will fight climate change.
In France, Macron offers all U.S. "scientists, engineers, engineers, entrepreneurs, responsible citizens" a "second homeland."
President expected to withdraw as senators make national security plea to keep accord.
Abortion will save us all from the impending catastrophe...
Teachers also directly lobbied on whether global warming should be treated as settled science.
Why I don't' celebrate Earth Day.