James Cameron Wants You to 'Wake the F*** Up' About This Supposed Climate Crisis

(Ryan Remiorz/The Canadian Press via AP)

James Cameron hasn’t made a good movie since Bush was president. The first Bush. But Cameron is far richer and more famous than peasants like us, so he gets to scold us for simply trying to live our lives. The society that made him insanely wealthy hasn’t reverted back to living in caves, and he’s madder than Sarah Connor in an Apple Store.


Matt Donnelly, Variety:

Suzy Amis Cameron has led a charge toward plant-based eating in efforts to reduce the dramatic carbon footprint that meat protein creates. James Cameron, the filmmaker behind classics such as “Titanic,” has woven climate-conscious themes into franchises like “Avatar.” He tells Variety the forthcoming three sequels will do the same.

The two are investors in the plant-based company Verdient Foods and contribute to numerous eco-causes, including Global Green and Oceana. Cameron does not mince words in sharing his thoughts on apathy about the climate crisis.

“People need to wake the f–k up,” the Oscar winner says. “We’re going the wrong direction as fast as possible. I like to say that we’re like Thelma and Louise. We’re driving straight toward the canyon at 90 miles per hour with the radio cranked up and the top down.”

It’s fitting that Cameron referenced a movie that’s better than anything he’ll ever do again. Then he flew back to his massive compound on his private jet.

If Cameron really believed what he’s saying, he’d stop making movies. That industry has a huge carbon footprint. But not only is he making a sequel to Avatar, a movie everybody has forgotten about already, he’s planning four sequels. Avatar 5 is scheduled for release in 2027, which will be tough to do if we’ve already driven off the cliff with the radio cranked up and the top down. He doesn’t actually think we’re all doomed, or there’d be nobody left to buy tickets for his crummy movies.


But Cameron has been spewing this nonsense for years, and it usually involves references to films that are much better than his own. Back in 2010 he said, “I want to call those [climate change] deniers out into the street at high noon and shoot it out with those boneheads.” That was his way of accepting a debate with some climate-change skeptics, before he ran away faster than a T-1000.

James Cameron is so obnoxious, he almost makes me not want to watch The Terminator again for the 27th time. Almost!


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