Colorado Dem Andrew Romanoff Kicks Off U.S. Senate Campaign with Bleak Climate-Change Ad


I’d never heard of Andrew Romanoff before today, but he’s a Colorado Dem running for the U.S. Senate and he just released the most amazing political ad I’ve ever seen. You think Greta Thunberg is a fearmonger? You think Bill Nye has a screw loose? They’re amateurs. Watch and learn, global warmists.


To really scare the kids, you need to make your own Terminator movie about the weather killing us all:

It looks like Romanoff spent a little money for that scene at the beginning. He hired actors to pretend they’re dying of global warming in some sort of post-apocalyptic “not so distant” future, where it’s 127 degrees in Colorado Springs. He even got an adorable moppet who says things like “What I miss most is the sunshine” and “Mommy and Daddy fight a lot, but they say it’s not my fault.” Why do you want to make that little girl sad, you evil Republicans?

The survivors of this climate apocalypse are so tormented, so hopeless, that they’re all wearing winter clothing even though it’s supposed to be blazing hot outside. That’s how insane the wicked dictator Donald Trump has made them. They can’t even tell hot from cold anymore!

Colorado Senator Cory Gardner just made fun of this important ad, probably because he wants kids to die and stuff:


Well, Gardner won’t be laughing when we’re all dead!

If this sort of scaremongering seems over the top, keep in mind that it worked for Al Gore. He’ll never be president, but global warming made him a multimillionaire. People enjoy being scared. They look for things to panic about. Give them what they want, and they’ll throw money and/or votes at you. That’s what Romanoff is hoping, at least.

Hey, wait a minute… Isn’t Romanoff a Russian name? Could this guy be a Putin plant, sent to throw the election for the Republicans by making the Dems look even dumber and crazier than usual? Everything else is a Russian plot, so why not this?



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