Bunch of Swiss Hikers Hold 'Funeral' for Glacier Killed by Climate Change or Whatever

Salmon Glacier at Hyder, Alaska. Image via Shutterstock.

When Americans are polled about the issues that worry them most, “climate change” usually comes in somewhere between “getting killed by a foul ball” and “choking to death on dryer lint.” But the people who are scared of the weather are really, really, really scared. They’re so terrified of being struck down by angry sky gods that they don’t care how stupid they look to the rest of us. That’s why a bunch of geniuses are blocking traffic and making life tougher for clock-punchers in Washington,, D.C., today. That’s why our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters in the media are pretending a confused, vulnerable little girl has any idea what she’s talking about.


That’s how a moral panic works. You have to spread… panic! You have to make people so scared and angry that they can’t see straight. Anybody who stops and thinks about what they’re saying and doing is not to be trusted. Calm is the enemy.

Just something to consider while you read the following item. Arnaud Siad and Amy Woodyatt, CNN:

Hundreds of people held a funeral and paid respects to a Swiss glacier that is disappearing as temperatures climb.

Pizol glacier in the Glarus Alps, eastern Switzerland, stands at an altitude of about 2,700 meters, and has lost 80-90% of its volume since 2006, leaving behind 26,000 square meters of ice — less than four football fields…

Around 250 people gathered Sunday to hike up to the glacier, where a local priest gave a speech to commemorate the retreating ice, said Alessandra Degiacomi, coordinator of the Swiss Association for Climate Protection and organizer of the funeral march.

It’s nice that these Swiss folks could take time away from their important jobs making cheese, chocolate, and army knives.

A lot of them dressed in funeral attire, even. It must be serious if they played dress-up on a Sunday, right?

Not everybody is so glum about the whole thing, though. Pretending the world is ending doesn’t necessarily need to be a bad time. Just check out this young man, among the throngs inconveniencing working-class people in D.C. today:


I won’t pretend to understand how twerking in the street while people throw confetti at you accomplishes anything. But the important thing is that this fellow is never going to have any children. His carbon footprint stops with him. That’s what I call a commitment to saving the planet! #LGBTAGW



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