Shame on the Liberals Who Use Greta Thunberg as a Human Shield

In this photo taken on Friday, July 26, 2019, Greta Thunberg stands next to Swedish parliament in Stockholm. (AP Photo/David Keyton)

This week, climate-change doomsayer and truant 10th grader Greta Thunberg won Time magazine’s Person of the Year. I haven’t cared about POTY since the second time they gave it to Obama, but if you do care, presumably you’re either delighted or enraged. The very first person to be awarded Time‘s highest honor was Charles Lindbergh. He won it in 1927 for flying across the Atlantic. Thunberg just won it for refusing to fly across the Atlantic. We call this “progress.”

So of course, as is customary in 2019, Donald Trump tweeted about it and everybody lost their minds:

To me, the funniest part of this is that the president of the United States is replying to the star of Touched by an Angel.

Then Thunberg owned him, or something, by changing her Twitter bio:

And both sides claimed victory, and nothing was gained, and nothing was learned.

Now, just a week ago I was defending Barron Trump from an opponent of his father who decided it would be funny to mock Barron’s first name. Pamela Karlan said:

“The Constitution says there can be no titles of nobility. So, while the President can name his son ‘Barron,’ he can’t make him a Baron.”

I thought it was a cheap shot. You can hate Trump all you want, but leave the kid out of it. Barron Trump didn’t ask for any of this.

So my instinct is to say the same thing to the POTUS: Leave the kid out of it.

But then I have to catch myself. Is Donald Trump really the one who dragged Greta Thunberg into the spotlight? No. The global warmists are the ones who hang on her every word. The legacy media are the ones treating her like a rock star.

Libs are the ones who made Greta Thunberg the face of the climate change movement. They’re the ones exploiting her for political purposes. They’ve taken a confused child with a head full of delusions about the world, and they’ve turned her into a human shield. They recruited her to spew their rhetoric, and now they hide behind her when anybody talks back. “How dare you treat a child like this!” It’s cynical. It’s low. It’s liberalism.

I would prefer if Trump didn’t tweet mean things about her, and I’m not going to tell anybody not to scold him for it. Go right ahead. But if all these adults are going to hide behind a child to push their political agenda, she’d going to get some pushback.

In fact, they know she will. They’re counting on it. That’s the whole idea. They love that Trump is yelling at her. He’s playing right into their hands.

Libs aren’t protecting Greta Thunberg. They’re not helping her. They don’t really care about her. They’re just exploiting her. The minute she’s no longer useful to them, they’ll drop her like a global warming-heated rock.

Ask Cindy Sheehan. Ask Sandra Fluke. Ask the Krassenstein brothers. Ask any other one-time liberal superstar who is now long forgotten. It’s a short ride.

I hope Greta Thunberg grows up to have a long, productive, happy life. And when she realizes that the world isn’t ending after all, I hope she resents all the people who convinced her it was. I hope she realizes that they were not her friends.

This was all a setup, and the libs made a vulnerable little girl their dupe. They’re just awful, awful people.


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