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Makes "proportional" argument on primary turnout as well as GOP "train wreck."
Michigan Democrats fear top gubernatorial candidates are too much like Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.
"Kenyans have to reject a politics of tribe and ethnicity, and embrace the extraordinary potential of an inclusive democracy."
Cleaver: "Our position needs to be ‘we don’t care what color the dog as long as it’s our dog’."
Padilla says request for vast voter data is "going to insert more vulnerability into our elections."
Newsom, who's running for governor, warns of a "loser" season if Dems don't focus on economy.
NYT: President's son told meeting was Russian government effort to help Trump.
"The District of Columbia will not be party to this blatant effort to intimidate voters,” vows councilman.
Party chairman targets large chunk of voters who identify with libertarian values but vote Dem or GOP.
Tim Ryan on voters: "When we're talking about Trump so much, we're not talking about them."
Chicago mayor has "no problem" raising taxes for education.
Analysts group Trump voters into “Staunch Conservatives," “Free Marketeers," “American Preservationists," “Anti-Elites," “Disengaged."