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"These are popular ideas in Vermont, in the Bronx, in Kansas and in every state in the country," Bernie says of more progressive platform.
Steve Fitzgerald, a state Republican senator, compared Planned Parenthood to the Nazi concentration camp Dachau.
Dem challenger calls McMaster’s veto “a moral outrage” and a classic example of “how this governor cares far more about ideological posturing."
Rhode Island Gov. Gina Raimondo faces a tight race in November against GOP challenger Allan Fung, but first faces a party insurgency.
State party rules resulted in initial automatic endorsement for John Fitzgerald after he qualified for general election; chairman calls on voters to "reject anti-Semitism" and reject the GOP nominee.
"NRCC withdraws our support of Seth Grossman and calls on him to reconsider his candidacy" for history of racist content.
"The economy was strengthening before Trump got there and it remains to be seen whether Trump’s policies themselves will actually help it," he says of campaign issue.
Cori Bush argues that voters who say they're loyal to longtime incumbent Lacy Clay's father should vote for someone like her instead.
In April, Sen. Marco Rubio warned local officials that the swing state is a "beacon" for foreign interference; now, he and Nelson say time is running out.
In one scheduled debate against Ocasio-Cortez, Crowley, who hadn't had a primary challenger in 14 years, sent a surrogate.
Republicans wouldn't want four additional Senate seats for the state, while some say it's not constitutional to let voters pick a split.