The Morning Briefing: Trump/Tucker 2024 Because YOLO and Why Not?

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Happy Friday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Venzoryena kept most of her feelings about rye bread turtle nuggets to herself whenever the Gin Rummy ladies were particularly chippy. 


The Mailbag of Magnificence will be returning soon. It's having its annual check-up and spa retreat. 

It's been a weird week as far as politics, at least from my perspective. I'm not sure that I agree with any of the hot takes after Tuesday's elections, and I've read a lot of them. Wednesday's debate only served to reaffirm that Vivek Ramaswamy probably didn't have a lot of friends when he was in school. America's college campuses are flying their Hitler Youth freak flags. 

Thankfully, Donald Trump is still around to make things weird. 

I know that the Trump faithful think that I am always rough on him now, but I do think he's still entertaining from time to time. In fact, one of my biggest complaints about him this year has been that he's lost a lot of that "make the Democrats lose their minds" whimsy that we all knew and loved. I was once a huge fan of the insulting nicknames he would come up with for his opponents, but they've all got Jeb! energy now. 

While Trump has lost me on a lot of things this go-round, I'll vote for him if he's the nominee, so it's good to see that he's still got an unconventional air about him. Ben wrote a post yesterday about Trump mentioning Tucker Carlson as a possible running mate. 

This idea is just ridiculous enough to get me on board. 

I don't for a moment think that Tucker would be interested in the gig. He strikes me as far too intelligent to give up what he's got for the slog of being Trump's VEEP. He genuinely seems to be having fun doing what he's doing. In fact, one of Carlson's biggest draws for me is that he isn't a stereotypical constipated conservative talking head — he always looks like he's having a blast. 


Still, I'm always railing against career politicians. That label may not fit Trump, but he is also not exactly an outsider anymore, no matter how much he'd like to pretend otherwise. Outsiders don't have Secret Service details. 

How much fun would it be to throw a true wildcard non-politician into the VP slot? This election is already going to be beyond weird; it might as well be the fun kind of weird. 

Yes, this is all just nonsense speculation, but one can never rule out any possibility when Trump is involved. There's also the fact that the former president has told off every Republican who didn't immediately swear loyalty to him as soon as he announced he would be running again. His pool of potential running mates is getting thinner by the day. 

Tucker Carlson is still needed in conservative media. It is fun, however, to think about him and Trump ruffling all of the dainty feathers of the Washington elite, especially the effete, squish Republicans. That, and the exploding heads in all of the MSM newsrooms would almost make these last few years worth it. 

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