The Morning Briefing: Biden's Border Blow-Up Is the Mess That Just Gets Messier

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Happy Monday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Hodlina had recurring dreams of velour-clad line dancers who took breaks to serenade foster kittens with ribald Celtic campfire songs.


I would like to thank Chris for filling in for me at the end of last week as I traversed across this great land to return home.

There are just so many things falling apart in the United States whilst it is being presided over by a pudding-brained puppet that it’s difficult to keep up with them, even for those of us who pay attention to this stuff for a living.

It’s been about two-and-a-half weeks since we last discussed the Joe Biden border fiasco here at the Briefing. That one was titled, “However Bad You Think the Border Mess Is—It’s Worse.” I would have preferred to have waited at least a few more weeks before revisiting the subject, the subject didn’t feel like waiting. As I was perusing the news on the Mothership sites while gathering the links, there was just too much border stuff to ignore.

We have had more than our share of fun mocking the fact that Democrat-run sanctuary cities have been struggling to exercise their benevolence, and they deserve to have derision heaped upon them. Seeing leftists forced to confront the fruits of their insane labors does have some entertainment value, even if it’s a result of one of our more pressing problems.

As Kevin writes, there’s trouble in DemLand thanks to all of the illegal immigrant hubbub:

Tempers flared, middle fingers flew, and people were jostled aggressively in New York City today. No, it wasn’t a morning rush-hour subway ride; it was New York Democrats staging a press event at the illegal immigrant intake center at the iconic Roosevelt Hotel

Jerry “Nadless” Nadler, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and various city Democrats got more than a Bronx Cheer when they spoke in favor of the tens of thousands of illegal immigrants dragging the city into a financial disaster, as the global Marxists have long planned.

Eric Adams was not-so-suspiciously absent.


Kevin then provides a video of America’s Dumbest Bartender being shouted down by Big Apple residents who are none too amused by their new undocumented neighbors. Squeaky is angry with New York Mayor Eric Adams, and the Dem-on-Dem anger is proof that these people have never really thought the open borders fever dream through.

They can blame Republican governors all they want, but Joe Biden brought this problem to their doorsteps.

My colleague Sarah Arnold writes at Townhall of a recent illegal immigrant horror story from New York:

President Joe Biden should take note of this article the next time he refuses to address the crisis he created at the southern border. 

An illegal alien stands accused of killing a man after being let out of jail due to a paperwork error for previously stabbing someone on a separate occasion. 

Earlier this month, Carlos Corrales-Ramirez was arrested and arraigned in a Rensselaer County, New York court for the fatal stabbing of 28-year-old Jario J. Hernandez-Sanchez. 

I’ve been reading and writing about these entirely avoidable tragedies for too many years. The Democrats have blood on their hands because of their untenable border policies.

The Border Patrol is not only overwhelmed but is also dealing with an administration that doesn’t want to help them. This is from something Catherine wrote:

Illegal aliens are being released onto the streets of our cities every day, and apparently, the federal government isn’t even trying to keep track of where they go.

The Biden border crisis continues to escalate, with the Border Patrol reportedly encountering 9,100 illegal aliens in just one day this week. And it seems that the Biden administration isn’t even making a pretense of keeping track of and controlling the massive number of illegal migrants anymore.


The numbers we hear about coming over here illegally are getting to be like the federal spending numbers from the last couple of decades: they’re so big and so frequent that the news has a numbing effect after a while. One might say that is part of the Democrats’ plan but, again, I can’t attribute that much competence to them, especially when it comes to the border.

In the vast catalog of Biden administration failures, the border situation has always been near the top, and it’s been there from Day One.

The original border mess was almost certainly deliberate, but it blew up on them immediately. Everything since then has been so much flailing, which is something Team Biden does a lot. It’s not just the crazy old man who flails, but all of the people controlling him are lost too.

But… no mean tweets.

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