The Morning Briefing: That Noise You Hear Is the ChiComs Laughing at Pudding Brain Biden

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Happy Monday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Kerwyn’s determination to become the most famous tunic-wearing blues flautist in Bowling Green was the talk of the RV park.


If the Chinese balloon thing was a mini dress rehearsal for World War III, we may want to form some Mandarin study groups.

Those of us who live here in reality have long dreaded finding out how the cabal that runs Joe Biden’s brain would react to any kind of international tension. The way Team Pudding Brain went about things these last several days wasn’t a comfort. My colleagues were all over it, so let’s peruse some of what they covered.

Let’s start with this from Robert:

How cowardly and compromised is the Biden regime? We have fresh evidence of just how bad it is, courtesy of the Chinese spy balloon. The world found out about the now-infamous balloon on Thursday, when a Montana resident named Chase Doak spotted it and posted a video. But that was not the first that Old Joe Biden’s handlers heard of the balloon. Now it has come to light that they knew about it all along but kept the knowledge secret so as to avoid a confrontation with the Chinese Communist Party and keep Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s now-canceled trip to Beijing on track. Patriots can thank Chase Doak for the small show of spine from the Biden State Department that the cancellation represented.

“Nothing to see here, move along” is the general Democrat approach to most things, but it’s really not a grown-up way of dealing with the bad guys sniffing around your backyard.

Or your entire country.


There’s not a lot of intellectual firepower in the Executive Branch right now. They act reflexively rather than thoughtfully. Predictably, they went to their favorite deflection when they’re screwing up — Trump whataboutism. This is from Rick:

Do you know how investigators can tell if someone is lying? The perp keeps changing his story.

On Saturday, a Biden administration official told several news outlets that Chinese spy balloons briefly traveled over the United States at least three times during the Trump administration. There was only one problem with that statement: it left out some essential information.

As PJ Media’s Matt Margolis carefully documents, just about every major defense and intelligence official from the former Trump administration denied that there were any such incursions by Chinese spy balloons.

So, once again, the Biden administration was forced to change its story. They are now claiming that U.S. intelligence knew of the spy balloons, but sort of forgot to tell anyone — including Donald Trump.

OK, this is more like a little kid trying to lie his way out of trouble after getting caught standing next to a lamp that just broke. He spins and spins until it’s almost comical. Unless national security is at risk, of course. Matt’s got more on the flailing:

As Joe Biden faces the fallout of his poor handling of the Chinese spy balloon, the effort to rewrite history is already underway.

Soon after the balloon was shot down on Saturday, Biden claimed the order to shoot it down was given on Wednesday.

“I ordered the Pentagon to shoot it down on Wednesday as soon as possible,” Biden told reporters. “They decided without doing any damage to people on the ground, they decided that the best time to do that was when it got over water outside within a 12 mile limit.”

“I told them to shoot it down on Wednesday,” Biden later added, clearly wanting to make sure that this factoid wasn’t missed. “They said to me let’s wait for the safest place to do it.”


The thing was floating over Montana the other day. For those who’ve never been there, Montana isn’t one of our more populous states. I’m pretty sure that there was someplace it could have been brought down there without causing a lot of damage.

Democrats seized on the safety issue in an attempt to cover for Biden’s weakness and indecision. Once the balloon was dropped in the drink, they began coordinated messaging about how brilliant Biden and Co. were for getting rid of it in a safe manner. Once again, it had the feel of giving a toddler a gold star on a chart for going to the potty on his own.

Just about everything this administration does is a national embarrassment. Heaven forbid that we should end up in any kind of high-stakes military standoff that requires President LOLEightyonemillion to make a quick decision. The presidency by committee may get us all vaporized.

There can be no doubt that Xi Jinping and his commie buddies are greatly amused by how all of this played out. Matt asked in a VIP post if Biden is a Chinese asset. Who knows? Maybe the CCP is giving Biden a gold star on a different chart, and everything is going according to plan for them.

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