The Morning Briefing: Musk Applies Twitter Rules to Libs and the Poor Dears Lose It

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Happy Monday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Marquez has a weird habit of telling strangers that the Columbia House Record Club once put a bounty on his head.


We’ve been having a lot of fun watching Elon Musk troll and trigger the worst of the lefties ever since he bought Twitter. Early last week I wrote that it’s making for an entertaining finish to an otherwise yuck of a year.

It’s just getting better.

Musk temporarily suspended some liberal media hacks last week for doxxing and the tear-filled conniptions have been popcorn-worthy.

One of the briefly vanquished was Washington Post head case Taylor Lorenz, which Matt wrote about:

Washington Post reporter Taylor Lorenz announced late Saturday night that she had been banned from Twitter.

“Earlier tonight, Elon Musk suspended my Twitter account,” she whined Saturday night on her Substack. “I only had three tweets live on my account when it was banned.”

According to Lorenz, the only tweets on her account were promoting her TikTok and Instagram accounts and another asking for Musk to comment.

Lorenz likes to fancy herself a journalist but she is really just a social media mean girl and professional victim. Her most infamous hit job was her doxxing harassment of the woman behind the Libs of TikTok Twitter account earlier this year. The stunt backfired on Lorenz spectacularly, sending Libs of TikTok soaring to new heights of popularity and getting it over a million followers. As Matt noted in his post, Musk clarified that Lorenz was suspended for “prior doxxing action.”

Keith Olbermann’s perma-tantrum on Twitter was also suspended, but he started tweeting from a dog rescue account that he has. Rather than shut down that account too, Musk decided to mock Li’l Keithy, which my colleague Nick Arama covered at RedState.


The always irritating cold-take clown Aaron Rupar also got caught up in Musk’s Twitter dragnet; when he returned, Rupar put one of his feet in his virtual mouth:

These emotional weaklings have spent just a few weeks dealing with a little of what we on the right have been putting up with on Twitter and Facebook for years. In fact, Rupar didn’t even have to do that. It was clear why he was suspended. Seeing him whine about this and Lorenz complain about “zero communication” from Twitter regarding her suspension is just describing the status quo for conservatives under the old regime.

Musk has been changing things rapidly, and the real problem for the lib journos is that they are now being held accountable for their actions. They were a protected species under the old Twitter regime. Most of them should have been permanently banned for the nonstop lies about Donald Trump. Lorenz should be kicked off forever so she can have more time to get the mental help she so obviously needs.

I sincerely hope that this is causing emotional trauma for these truly awful human beings. The vile left media types have been begging for a karmic payback for a long time and Musk is giving them one at the moment.

It should be noted that almost all of the leftist noisemakers have threatened to leave Twitter, but won’t. They keep tweeting all day about how awful the Twitter experience has become for them. It’s like eating at KFC every day and whining about how much you hate fried chicken. I hope they drown in their tears.


I’m going to end with another tweet that sums up my feelings:

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