The Morning Briefing: Elon Musk Is the Boss All Woke Losers Need

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Happy Wednesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Very few who believe in reincarnation want to come back as a sloth named “Ferdinand.”


For the longest time, there was only one reason that Elon Musk irritated leftists: he was gloriously wealthy.

Worse yet, according to the commie crowd, he’s a billionaire. In their fixed-pie world, that means he’s responsible for the fact that Jasmina is struggling to make ends meet after spending $150,000 to get a bachelor’s (PATRIARCHY) degree in Gender Queer Albino Panda Studies.

Lately, Musk has emerged as a practical, no-nonsense type who triggers all of the fragile idiots who need to be triggered, and for all of the right reasons.

His efforts to buy Twitter have given greater exposure to the keywords that anti-free speech progressives use to justify censorship. The uproar among the opposition to Musk’s acquisition of the platform has all been centered on the fact that they won’t be able to shut up people they don’t like by arbitrarily screaming “BULLY!” or slapping “phobic” on the ends of words.

Musk recently created a stir by insisting that his employees who became accustomed to working remotely during the pandemic return to in-person work for 40 hours a week or seek employment elsewhere. While I may not agree with the idea that people need to be in an office to be productive, I do admire the fact that the people he pays need to do so.

The latest leftist weaklings vs. Musk episode is the best yet though. Athena has the story:


More of this, please! After a group of woke employees took the initiative of trying to build anti-Musk sentiment — within the company Musk founded and still mostly owns — and issuing a set of tiresome, leftist demands, SpaceX summarily fired them.

This is probably my favorite story this week. I guess no one told these wokelings that the Revolution didn’t happen yet, private ownership of the means of production is still a thing, and the hired help doesn’t get to tell the bosses what to do.

On Wednesday, a group of employees posted “An open letter to the Executives of SpaceX” in an internal chat with more than 2,600 employee members. The letter criticized Elon Musk, whining that he was an embarrassment to their efforts to make SpaceX more “inclusive,” “safe,” a “great place for all,” and whatever other boilerplate diversity platitude came to mind.

This is an absolutely brilliant example of how little young leftists who were raised in the participation trophy era understand the real world and the way it works. They’ve been raised to believe that feelings are paramount and that anything that hurts them is a grave offense.

“Here’s a tissue Billy, cry it out and head to the unemployment office.”

You don’t even have to be that old to know how absurd it is to think that public criticism of the person who signs one’s paychecks could happen without consequences.


Kids today, right?

Athena’s post details the demands of these diaper-fillers, which are laughable in their naïveté.

While Musk may not have directly fired these pathetic, woke, bottom-feeders, I think we all know where the phone call that got the ball rolling came from.

Athena points out why what SpaceX did here was notable and important:

Usually, this is the point at which corporations cave to the woke moblet of employees, trampling on the silent majority who just want to get their work done to waste company time and money on soothing the sensitive hyperventilaters. They then discover too late that it’s never possible to placate these people, and that once in the throes of the cycle, the organization ends up circling the drain. (See Disney Corporation.)

Companies too often roll over for the woke mob. Sometimes it can just be a mob of one that makes them quake in their boots.

The world has been suffering from a dearth of adults in the room who aren’t willing to stand up to petulant whiners. We are well and truly doomed unless more people follow Elon Musk’s example and give the crybabies their marching orders.

Let’s see how far they make it in the world with “Signed An Open Letter Online” as their main résumé builder.

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