The Morning Briefing: Thought Experiment—Imprison the Mask/Vax Mandate Nazis

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Happy Friday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. I really don’t know what useful information the NSA is getting from the camera they have in my shower.


Apparently, the Twitter glitch I’ve been talking about is only happening on Chromebooks, which I write on. Maybe it’s only happening on my Chromebook. Whatever the case may be, we will now return to our regularly scheduled formatting.

I spent several hours on airplanes on Wednesday, once again dealing with the Masked-Up Theater of the Absurd. It was beyond farcical. Almost two years into this Wuhan Chinese Bat Flu lunacy and the government is still pretending that cloth face masks are some sort of Captain America shield against the virus. President Pervwhisper recently extended the mask mandate for air travel another two months.

Why the extension? Why two months and not one or three or four?

No reason. He’s a drooling moron whose brain is being controlled by a bunch of fascists.

The “science” behind the effectiveness of masks is practically nonexistent. Vaccines fare a little better under scrutiny, but we’re all aware that that’s a very messy work in progress. Forcing either upon unwilling Americans in the name of public health redefines ridiculous.

Do bear in mind as you read the following that I’m not some raging anti-vax guy. I’m off to get my booster later today. I’m just one of those conservative types who prefer that people have control over their own lives. I do not care what anyone else’s vaccination status is.


The leftist cretins who are forcing and celebrating mask and vaccine mandates must be stopped. Let’s take a look at some of their recent work.

Kevin wrote yesterday about people being arrested for trying to order food sans masks at a freakin’ Applebee’s.

Chris had a post detailing the latest vax-Nazi turn by low-T lib columnist David Frum.

Our military is already so compromised by wokeness and the low morale it causes that Canada could probably waltz in and occupy the United States. It doesn’t matter to the tyrants, who are now getting rid of members of the armed forces who don’t want to get vaccinated.

Residents of Los Angeles now have a greater chance of dying at an accident scene or watching their houses burn down because more than 100 members of the Los Angeles Fire Dept. have been suspended for saying no to the vaccine.

I could forgive government overreach at the beginning of the pandemic. Everyone was flying blind then. That didn’t stop Democrats and their flying monkeys in the media from blaming President Trump for everything at the time though. Now, however, Fauci and the elected Dems who revere him are just out of control and trying their damnedest to do a Soviet 2.0 thing here in the United States.

It will never happen, but I dream of sane people coming to power in this country and rounding up de Blasio and his ilk and tossing them in the clink for a while to cool their tyrannical heels. Heck, let’s do a gulag! Jumpsuits, hard labor, the total package. It’s really what they want to do to us anyway — the masks are merely the first step. It’s OK to wish the same upon them.


I can be a little harsh when I dream.

Seriously though, these people should eventually have to pay for what they’re doing now. I’m not sure what form that payment takes, but I do hope it’s harsh. Not a single one of them is erring on the side of caution anymore. Now they’re flexing just because they can.

And that makes them truly awful.

Everything Isn’t Awful

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