'Unwoke' With Kevin and Kruiser #24: The 'Unwoke Live Comedy Tour' Finally Takes Off

Dreams can come true.

OK, they can at least get started.

My old friend and now PJ Media colleague Kevin Downey Jr. and I first met 11 years ago when we were touring the South Pacific with Armed Forces Entertainment doing shows for the troops. We’ve been friends ever since but haven’t worked together since then. Soon after we began doing this podcast we thought it would be a good idea to take “Unwoke” on the road to the places in America that still like to have fun.

That happened on December 4th in Hillsdale, Michigan.


It was a fun night all around.

In this episode, we talk about our plans for a tour next year, as well as some of the politics of the week. The usual segments are there too.

As always, no animals were harmed during the recording of “Unwoke.”