SHOCK POLL: Democrat Support in Freefall with Independents, GOP Way Up

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Democrat support from independent voters has fallen near the crucial 40% line, while almost half of all independent voters tell Gallup that they’re leaning Republican.


“If you’re a Democrat and you’re not terrified,” says The Dispatch’s Avi Woolf, “you should be.”

Well, I’m neither a Democrat nor terrified, but I am conservative and — at least for now — quite giddy.

Gallup recently updated its long-term party affiliation poll, which asks American voters one or two simple questions:

  • In politics, as of today, do you consider yourself a Republican, a Democrat or an independent?
  • (If they ID as independents) As of today, do you lean more to the Democratic Party or the Republican Party?

Currently, 31% say they’re Republicans, up slightly from the usual mid-20s to 30%. 41% told Gallup that they’re independent voters, in line with the average swing. Only 27% self-ID as Democrats, which is down from the more typical 29-32%.

As recently as May, Democrats were at 32% and the GOP at a dismal 25%.

But that’s before Presidentish Joe Biden had had a chance to do much other than send out FREE! MONEY! (handouts that helped cause our present inflation) and smile for the glowing press coverage. Since then, important parts of his agenda have taken hold and the malign incompetence of his cabinet has been fully revealed.

Apparently, Americans don’t think much of either.


But it’s the second question that should have Washington Democrats changing their shorts.

Indies, asked whether they lean towards the Democrats or the GOP, broke for the GOP 47% to 41%.

At this time in Barack Obama’s first term, the breakdown was a much more Dem-friendly 25R/41I/32D. And the Indy swing was exactly reversed, 41R/47D.

Yet the Democrats still lost a whopping 63 seats in the House and seven more in the Senate in the following midterm election.

Obama enjoyed immensely more personal popularity than Biden does — I know, I don’t get it, either — but couldn’t stop a GOP tsunami when his agenda proved unpopular.

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Biden has both an unpopular agenda and a high unfavorable rating draped around his neck like a lead life preserver. And now voters are leaving his party in droves.

True, Biden does have most of a year to right his sinking ship, but honestly, I don’t see how.

It isn’t that it can’t be done, it’s that with this administration it won’t be done.

Biden’s two remaining signature legislative pushes both appear to be dead in the water. The Democrat-run Senate has given up trying to get Build Back Better passed, and the so-called voting rights bill — actually the Permanent Democrat Theft Act of 2021 — faces similar “stubborn math” according to ABC News.


Biden had promised his party’s all-important progressive wing that he’d get both bills signed into law. He’ll be lucky to get just one, and even that seems out of reach, thanks to opposition from two fellow Dems — Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin.

Elections are all about turnout, and Biden has given Democrats very little reason for enthusiasm next year.

Biden himself is still in denial about the inflationary effects of his domestic program, as is his Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen. The rest of his cabinet is far more concerned with pushing unpopular woke politics than pursuing policies that benefit Americans.

The Biden Administration is America’s Bourbon dynasty: They have learned nothing and forgotten nothing.

Now it’s just up to us next November to teach them a lesson they’ll never forget.


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