David Frum Continues to Show His Disdain for the Unvaxxed

David Frum Continues to Show His Disdain for the Unvaxxed
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Former quasi-conservative David Frum is one of those elitist types who look down their noses at Americans who don’t live in coastal cities. He has particular disdain for people who don’t fall in lockstep with the COVID-19 vaccine.


Millions of Americans have chosen not to submit themselves to the vaccine for a number of reasons, including religious objections, natural immunity, and the compelling studies and heartbreaking horror stories that prove that the effects of the vaccine could be harmful.

On Sunday, Frum went on a Twitter rant about the “dumb-ass malignity” of the unvaccinated, and he came up with a four-point plan to deal with COVID-19. It involves vaccine mandates, natch, but the fourth point stirred up a bit of controversy.

That’s right: if you’re unvaxxed, David Frum wants you last on the list for emergency care. He doesn’t elaborate on whether he’s just referring to treatment for COVID or if he actually expects an unvaccinated person with a broken leg or who is suffering a heart attack to wait until all vaccinated people are out of the ER or urgent care. It doesn’t take a medical degree to understand that some medical conditions can’t wait, especially when they don’t have anything to do with COVID.

Not only is this mindset cruel, but it demonstrates an elitist attitude against people who made a medical choice that Frum and his ilk didn’t.


And why does he think that discrimination against the unvaxxed will encourage compliance? I can’t help but think that such a move would only breed resentment.

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Frum received some support in the comments, but he directed even more ire against those unwashed unvaxxed cretins who dared disagree with him.

Grumpy old man Frum isn’t letting up. On Wednesday he appeared on CNN to continue to demonstrate his disdain for people who don’t line up for the jab (and presumably its endless boosters).

The Post Millennial reports:

Frum began by suggesting that the anti-vaxx movement “is being incited and preserved by politicians and media personalities who for agendas of their own want to slow the recovery from the pandemic,” adding that it’s akin to generals sending their troops out on “suicide missions.”

CNN’s Brianna Keilar pressed Frum on the morality of his tweet’s suggestion that the unvaccinated receive treatment last. He responded by saying he wasn’t trying to write an official policy for emergency rooms, rather he was “trying to give a voice” to express the frustration of those who “have been doing the right thing.”

“You’re not in the right here,” Frum said of anti-vaxxers. “Quit feeling so sorry for yourself,” and “comparing yourself to victims of the Holocaust.”

Unfortunately, the David Frum plan for discrimination against the unvaccinated isn’t a practical idea, and Frum knows it.

“You can’t really do what you’re talking about doing?” Keilar asked. In turn, Frum appeared to lament the fact that it was likely not feasible to send unvaccinated people to the back of the line.

Yeah, it’s a real shame, David.

Coastal elites like David Frum would expect you to go to the back of the line if you make the choice not to get a COVID shot. Dare not to take their advice as gospel truth, and they would subject you to discrimination.

It’s a segregation mindset just like the pre-civil rights era, only the dividing lines aren’t by skin color but by medical choice.

COVID is going to be a fact of life, and we need to live our lives and not worry about who’s vaccinated and who’s not, or who’s masked and who’s not. Life’s too short to obsess over COVID.

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