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'White Privilege' Isn't Getting People Killed, Democrats Are

(AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast)

A 17-year-old Chicago-area drug dealer stabbed a 15-year-old to death over some weed. Apparently, the victim, Elias Valdez, tried to steal pot from the dealer. A fight ensued and the drug dealer stabbed Valdez. He later died at the hospital.

The unnamed drug dealer pleaded guilty to 2nd-degree murder. Cook County judge Steven Bernstein told the 17-year-old murderer he was a “bright kid with a bright future” and gave the killer three years’ probation along with 100 hours of community service and told him that he and his parents need to attend therapy together.

“I see a child like you who has two parents concerned with his welfare,” Judge Bernstein told the murdering drug dealer. “You’re a bright kid with a bright future. I don’t think you’re a murderer, but you killed this child and you have to live with that for the rest of your life.”

He also had a message for the family of the dead kid.

‘You’ll never get closure. I wish I could tell you you will,” the judge told the Valdez family. “Your son will be in your heart forever.”

Wow, thanks, “your honor.”

FACT-O-RAMA! Judge Bernstein is a Democrat. He was retained with 73.28% of the vote.

The Valdez family is understandably appalled. Their son was killed over some weed. The killer is walking and the family is crying racism. The killer is white.

Check out this headline and tell me what’s different about it.

I’ll tell you. The first word tells us the race of the drug dealer who stabbed a 15-year-old Hispanic kid to death. The word is “white.”  The victim is Hispanic. Most media outlets never post the race of a criminal if he or she isn’t white. For instance, you never saw, “Black Gang Beats Elderly White Woman, Breaks Her Arms, Sets Her on Fire” in regards to Dorothy Dow. The truth is, you probably never even heard of her.

Certain news outlets love a good race battle, but only if the bad guy is white, thus perpetuating the myth that white people are “oppressors” and minorities are their victims.

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The Valdez family believes their son’s killer got off without jail time because he is white. Apparently, they don’t read the local news. A LOT of violent criminals are walking in and around the Windy City. The difference is, those criminals are typically not white. They are walking because the local politicians are Democrats.

State’s Attorney Kim Foxx has let thousands of violent criminals skate. Almost 30% of violent felons have had their charges dropped. Most of them weren’t white so we can’t blame “white privilege.” Foxx is a Democrat; so is Judge Bernstein. See the common denominator?

The same media outlet that said the killer is white didn’t mention the skin color of Timothy Simpkins, who shot several people in his school, including a white teacher, and was out of jail in under 24 hours. The race of the teacher wasn’t released but is seen in a photograph here. In fact, their headline reads, “Instagram pic captures what looks like a gun in 18-year-old Texas school shooter’s Dodge Charger,” yet the picture of the shooter isn’t near the headline. It’s halfway down the page.

No one seems to have mentioned that the Oxford, Mich. school shooter, who is white, was arrested and is still in jail. His parents were both arrested for furnishing the gun. Timothy Simpkins also had a gun which he was too young to buy or possess, yet his family tried to justify his owning it. His mom was not arrested. She DID throw her son a party when he got out of jail, even though one of his victims was in a coma. Where is the “white privilege”? Does race matter? Why can’t we lock up violent people regardless of their skin color?

Maybe it’s time to drop the “white privilege” nonsense. Violent criminals, no matter their race, don’t belong in society with peaceful people. Instead of crying “racism” or “white privilege,” perhaps we should point our fingers at those who are really letting violent people out of jail: Democrats.