Are Black Women a Sign of the End Times?

Townhall Media/Julio Rosas

When recently elected New York City Mayor Eric Adams announced his pick for the new chief of the NYPD on Tuesday, the progressive Left, which knew little or nothing about her, cheered the one thing they could see right away: Keechant Sewell is a Black Woman™. While everyone is eager to celebrate this HISTORIC! (everyone drink) appointment, perhaps it might be wiser to step back and take a more sober look at what is going on: namely, does Sewell’s selection indicate that the Big Apple is already rotten to the core and beyond saving?

I’m not saying Sewell isn’t the right person for the job. She sounds pretty solid, is a native New Yorker, and has even openly endorsed plainclothes anti-crime units and the broken windows theory of policing. She may just have what it takes, and I hope and pray that she is successful.

But soon-to-be Mayor Adams pledged to hire the first woman as New York City police commissioner as a campaign promise last summer. Thus, he was already making a superficial, immutable characteristic the primary qualification for whomever he would hire. (The fact that Sewell is a black woman is even more attractive to leftists.) And currently, Sewell heads a department of only 351 detectives — is she really qualified to lead America’s largest police force, the NYPD, with its 52,000 members? Will her black-woman magic be powerful enough?

Left-wing politicians have caught on to what corporate America discovered some decades ago: if you promote a black woman, you get credit for elevating both a female and a minority, aka Person of Color. With the politically motivated filling of a single job, you get credit for checking two boxes on your diversity bingo card. Having a black female face representing your brand in the media gives you mad leftist cred.

But when a black woman is elevated to high office in a leftist, blighted city, it’s not the victory for women and minorities that people are led to believe. More often, it’s an indicator that a once-thriving town, ravaged by years of disastrous progressive policies, is past saving.

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Ask Carmen Best how her stint as Chief of the Seattle PD went. Seattle has been saddled with a permanent infrastructure of rioters and protestors for several years, as the Marxist city council prevents any sort of meaningful law enforcement from taking place. After George Floyd’s death in May of 2020, the council “defunded the police” and cut $4 million and up to 100 officers from Best’s budget. In August, after serving as chief for only two years, Best resigned. “I believe 100% that they were putting me in a position destined to fail,” she told NPR. “Cutting a police department that already had low staffing numbers, that was already struggling to keep up with the demand … How are we going to provide for adequate public safety in that environment?” Kind of seems like the success of law enforcement was never the goal of the council, and Best was chosen to preside over failure.

Almost two years ago, Philadelphia’s Democrat mayor named a black woman, Danielle Outlaw, as chief of the city’s already struggling department. The 353 murders in Philly in 2019 were already an increase; this year, they’ve topped 500 and there are still a few weeks of 2021 left. Elaine Bryant was picked to lead the Columbus, Ohio PD last summer — while the department was still reeling from two different police shootings and deaths of black citizens in less than a year. Good luck to her, but sounds like she, too, may have been chosen to preside over chaos.

The city of Portsmouth, Va. recently fired their black female chief for what appears to be actually doing her job and investigating and prosecuting local rioters and thugs.

One has to wonder whether the leftist machines that bring these politically desirable women of color on as police chiefs actually want them to succeed, or whether they want them to fail. Maybe they assume that black women will automatically be as far left as they are and be a team player as they enable Marxist mobs to destroy yet another city? And those who don’t play along are removed from office?

Maybe what’s really going on is that, once Democrats have destroyed a formerly great American city with their leftist poison, they patronizingly place a black female in charge of law and order. When a city is already circling the drain, even if the new chief were the most competent person on earth, there’s no easy way to salvage a sh*thole, and certainly no way a good leftist could ever countenance.

If one were trying to destroy the Black Woman™ brand, they’d be hard-pressed to come up with a more efficient way of doing it: ruin a prestigious world-class city, and then, while it’s in its death throes, hand the keys to a black woman. She’ll be left holding the bag while the rats flee the ship they scuttled, leaving the nastier elements of the far-right to point at their sacrificial police chief and holler, “Look what she did!”

One wonders why black women put up with it.