The Morning Briefing: Democrats' Unhinged Trump Hatred Isn't Really Working Out Well for Them

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Happy Tuesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. If pierogi isn’t the answer, people aren’t asking the right questions.


There is something that doesn’t get talked or written about enough amid all of the hyperpartisan noise of 2021: the fact that Democrats are wrong about, well, everything.

OK, maybe I do talk about that a lot.

Now I’m on a mission to get other people to do it though.

As we have discussed many a time, Donald Trump’s ascendance to the pinnacle of American politics broke the Democrats. We knew it would last a long time, but now we may have to seriously ponder whether the damage may have been permanent.

While dealing with their rabid, frothing hatred for Trump, the Democrats went all-in on some people and ideas that may haunt them for a while.

Their poor little lib brains were so fried by Trump that they began celebrating anything and anyone that was anti-Trump.

Andrew and Chris Cuomo were given rock star status because they would bash Trump, despite the fact that they’ve always been obvious sleazebags. They both ooze so much smarmy dishonesty that any real father would keep them at least a baseball bat’s length away from his daughter. Both were integral parts of the mainstream media’s 24/7 character assassination of Trump. Less than a year into Biden’s presidency, both have been revealed to be the disgraceful lowlifes that those of us not suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome always knew they were.

We led off yesterday’s Briefing with yet more news about how almost universally loathed Vice President Kamala Harris is. Had the Democrats not been in the throes of the largest mass nervous breakdown in history they might have remembered that they had just roundly rejected Harris and sent her packing very early from the 2020 Democratic presidential field.


Because they were so desperate to decry anything Trump did or said regarding the Bat Flu virus, Democrats and their flying monkeys in the media went into full denial about its origins, going so far as to censor and shame anyone who was honest about it coming from Wuhan, China. Now, Dr. Anthony “Stalin Is My Jam” Fauci is throwing around the “W” word like nobody’s business.

The Trump Derangement Syndrome symptom that had the most damaging consequences was the ability of the Democrats to convince themselves that Joe Biden was a functioning human being who would bring some overwhelmingly presidential aura to the Oval Office and be able to play president without breaking everything.


Let us be clear about one thing: Joe Biden has always been a moronic spaz. There is no iteration of the United States in the multiverse where Biden was ever thoughtful, deep, and competent. I found some video of me on stage in 2010 mocking him for being a blithering idiot.

The Democrats had to mentally concoct a Joe Biden who never existed to proceed with their plan to unseat Trump. That was easy for them to do because they were in the midst of a Trump-induced psychotic break.

Democrats who are up for reelection next year are all getting some Biden Buyer’s Remorse for Christmas this year. VodkaPundit:

It’s tough for Congressional Democrats when their own president is less popular than an outdoor mask mandate at a NASCAR race — and twice as useless.

“Democrats,” reports an entire team of POLITICO writers, “are worried that Biden’s flagging polling numbers — with an approval hovering in the low 40s — will lead to a thrashing at the ballot box.”

So far, 19 Democrats know exactly what to do: They’ve announced they won’t seek reelection in 2022.

The remaining 269 Democrats in the Senate and House are left scrambling against both historical trends and — worst of all — Presidentish Joe Biden’s growing unpopularity.

Just to show you how desperate Democrats are right now, they’re putting the blame on the lamest of all political excuses: “bad messaging.”

Senator Bob Casey (D-Penn.) said, “While you’re legislating, you’re not communicating.” As if these guys aren’t on cable news, Twitter, etc., practically 24/7, pushing their lousy agenda.

POLITICO quotes House Ways and Means Chair Richard Neal (D-Mass.) saying his party needs to focus on “seizing credit” if they somehow manage to pass Biden’s multi-trillion dollar “Build Back Better” power-grabbing legislation. “The messaging challenge is pretty apparent,” he said.

Senator Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) claimed that “Maybe it would be the first time that the Democratic Party has ever been disciplined on message.”

Um … what? Democrats and their enablers in the mainstream media have enjoyed lockstep messaging for years.


“We’re not explaining it well enough” is the Democrats’ way of saying that the electorate is stupid. They’re failing and failing because they helped usher President LOL Eightyonemillion into office and he’s so God-awful at everything he does that there is no way to keep passing the buck on his myriad messes. What their panic is really telling us is that they have finally admitted to themselves that there is no reasonable expectation that anything will get better between now and next year’s midterm elections.

Remember, we are only 11 months into the dystopian hellhole that was forced upon us because Donald Trump hurt the feelings of all of America’s emotional weaklings.

The Democrats’ unhealthy daddy issues obsession with Trump is so overwhelming that they decided at the beginning of the year to just keep running against him even after he was gone. They knew even then that there wasn’t going to be much positive from Biden to sell to the American people. That’s why time and taxpayer dollars were and are being wasted on the second impeachment trial and this nonsense about the January 6th insurrection that never was.

A.J. wrote yesterday that some House Democrats are finally realizing that they should run campaigns based on the issues rather than run against the bogeyman who lives rent-free in their heads.

That’s only a handful of people though. The default mode in Dem Land is still to reflexively belch “But Trump!” whenever pressed on their own failings.


I endorse that approach until at least this time in 2024.

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