Liberals Bemoan 'Random' Violent Attacks in Places Where They Want Fewer Cops

Liberals Bemoan 'Random' Violent Attacks in Places Where They Want Fewer Cops
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New York City saw two more “random” attacks in or near Manhattan’s Morningside Park on Thursday. One man, a student at Columbia University, is dead and an Italian tourist is in the hospital.

If Morningside Park rings a bell it’s because it’s the same park where Tessa Majors was “randomly” stabbed to death in 2019. Or was it a “robbery gone bad”? Perhaps it was a “random robbery gone south.” Either way, three black teens stabbed Majors to death.

Majors’ parents wrote a scathing letter in June 2020 that began, “We dropped her off at Barnard College in New York City to begin her freshman year of college. One hundred days later, we brought her home to Virginia in an urn.”

The letter goes on to attack those who referred to their daughter’s death as “tragic” but never called it what it was: murder.

Reading this description of events, some might wonder if perhaps Tess Majors was involved in an accident. Tess Majors did not die in an accident. Tess Majors was murdered, plain and simple, and no amount of semantic gymnastics changes that fact.

Morningside Park is dangerous. Majors’ murder wasn’t random, it was business as usual. It’s the same park where groups of teens routinely prey upon people. Typically white, liberal people, who will then protest the judicial system itself rather than the criminals.

Signs from a protest at the park in 2019 read: “Stop violence w/Restorative Justice” and “Community Solutions, Not Retribution.”

This was after a 60-year-old gay man was “randomly” beaten to the point where he suffered a traumatic brain injury.

You can beat liberals to the point of serious brain damage but you can’t get them to identify the real problem.

Morningside Park is on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. The neighborhood is “diverse.” The north and east sides of the park are traditionally black. The west side is home to Columbia University, Barnard College, St. Luke’s Hospital, and the Cathedral of St. John The Divine. South of the park is home to mostly black, white, and Hispanic people. A few blocks further south are some projects.

The northern border of the park is W. 123rd St., the southern border is W. 110th St. between Morningside Drive to the west and Morningside Ave. to the east. I lived on 109th St. just off of the park from 2005 to 2009. I once saw DEVO perform there.

We all knew the drill: keep your head on a swivel if you went in the park during the day and never go in at night, especially the northernmost part.

I once had a medical emergency and had to walk to St. Luke’s hospital around midnight. I considered walking around to Amsterdam Ave. to avoid the park, but I was choking on phlegm and chose to risk a stabbing.

Liberals need to stop victimizing violent thugs, and that starts with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

“You have the horrific tragedy of a young woman’s life being taken and so much potential,” the New York pinko representative said, commenting on the murder of Tessa Majors. “But then you have a tragedy of a young boy that was driven to that point, taken to that point. And I think that tragedy is also one of intergenerational poverty, potentially a broken home, a lack of opportunity.”

Driven? Taken? An NYPD officer testified that the three teens went to the park specifically to rob someone. Three teen thugs attacked Majors. One kicked her to the ground and another stabbed her four times. She fought to get away, screamed for help, and was trying to climb stairs out of the park when one of the miscreants grabbed and held her while his friend continued stabbing her. All of this for her iPhone.

I’m not sure why AOC believes the thugs, all between 13 and 16 years old, were from generations of poverty. Were they robbing Majors to feed their families? I doubt that. Harlem is bristling with businesses. Did any of them even apply for a job? Also, isn’t it racist to assume all black kids suffer from “intergenerational poverty”?

What we DO know is that one of the thugs’ mothers has a stabbing on her rap sheet, which took place after a screaming match. Rather than using the phrase “intergenerational poverty” perhaps AOC should have said the cretins come from “a family of violent criminals.”

In this insane article, the author calls for “answers” to the violence that don’t involve the police or jail for the monsters who stab and stomp innocent people.

Activists in our community, including those from Street Corner Resources, have been concerned about the assaults in the park. They have wanted to explore alternatives to police-focused, carceral approaches to public safety, especially given that children are primarily suspected of these crimes. They propose restorative justice models as opposed to increased policing of the area.

The author continues:

Now, the New York Police Department has arrested and charged a 13-year-old boy in connection with Tess’s murder. The police say he confessed to the crime, but he seems to have been accompanied only by his uncle when he was interrogated. Why didn’t he have an attorney with him when he “confessed”? Another 14-year-old boy was arrested, then released. Apparently, the police knew the identities of the 12- to 15-year-old kids who were suspected of being behind a string of muggings in the park—so they knew where to find these boys.

Shockingly (or not, I’m sure this was written by a lib), the author seems more worried about the thugs than the victims.

As a former liberal, I know that leftists will never say the words, “Hey, what’s up with all this black crime?” even when a majority of the crime victims are black.

Crime is skyrocketing across the country, particularly in liberal cesspool cities. Defunding police departments over the death of George Floyd was insane. Until liberals want to get tough on crime, they are only inviting more of it into their cities.









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