The Morning Briefing: Biden Is an Increasingly Toxic Combo of Addled and Untruthful

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Happy Wednesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Seersucker is a commie plot. Think about it. You’ll get there.

It’s time that we had a national conversation about what’s left of Joe Biden. The problem with that is that half the nation’s electorate claims to have voted for the drooling embarrassment who is currently masquerading as president of the United States.


I will say this: If 81 million Americans actually did vote for this drooling fool, then we deserve all of the bad that is being heaped upon us at the moment. Reality-based humans, however, know that there is no way that’s possible.

Seriously, though, to be a fly on the wall in places that Democrats hang out these days. Even the most die-hard partisans couldn’t possibly still be pretending that things are going well or that they will soon be better. Beltway Dems are probably buying Prilosec and Xanax by the trainload now. I can almost smell their flop sweat all the way out here in Arizona.

It’s only midweek, and already the Biden fatigue is overwhelming. Yesterday wasn’t a good look for Grandpa Gropes, what with his top generals basically outing him for lying:

The commander of the U.S. Central Command, General Kenneth “Frank” McKenzie, and the commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan, General Scott Miller, told Congress that they had recommended to Joe Biden that the military maintain a presence of at least 2,500 troops in Afghanistan. Biden said in an August 19 interview with George Stephanopoulos that he couldn’t recall anyone recommending that troops remain in Afghanistan after the August 31 deadline.

The testimony was extraordinary because a serving commander has rarely contradicted anything his commander in chief has said.

General McKenzie also recommended to Donald Trump that a force of 4,500 troops stay in Afghanistan.


Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Mark Milley later said he concurred with McKenzie’s recommendation.

The commander in chief couldn’t remember any of that.

People railed all day yesterday about Biden having been caught lying, which he probably was. But the conversation about his on-display-for-all-to-see decline in mental faculties has to be had now. It’s both tragic and frightening to posit that the president of the United States may very well have not remembered the recommendations of his top two military advisors.

Larry O’Connor wrote this over at Townhall yesterday:

This lie was in the midst of an ongoing military mission that resulted in the careless and unnecessary murder of 13 servicemembers thrust into harm’s way by an incompetent president without full use of his faculties and without serious advisors who recognize his dangerously diminished capabilities but refuse to step in and do anything about it.

I agree with my friend that Biden doesn’t have anyone around him who is serious. Serious about what’s best for the country, anyway. While it’s true that they’re not doing anything about Biden’s rapid decline, I think that’s by design. They need him diminished so they can be the power brokers.

Here’s the thing with Biden though: He barely had a passing familiarity with the truth even before his brain turned to Jello pudding. It’s highly possible that he’s in and out of telling lies and having “episodes” with the greatest of ease. Neither possibility is good for the country


The “enemy of the people” corrupt hacks in the MSM are already working overtime to carry water for Biden on this one. To the surprise of no one, as he gets worse, so do they. I’d like to say that this can’t go on indefinitely, but there is obviously no waking up from this nightmare anytime soon.

But no mean tweets.

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