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Family Court Corruption Horror: Mom in Israel Jailed as Child Is Given to Alleged Sex Abuser

Family Court Corruption Horror: Mom in Israel Jailed as Child Is Given to Alleged Sex Abuser
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The stories of family court tragedies keep pouring in from all over the world. PJ Media was contacted by a forensic investigator in Israel with a shocking tale involving corrupt courts giving a child sex abuse victim to his abuser and jailing his mother for trying to protect him.

The case of Galit Tzarfati is strikingly similar to so many cases in Missouri that PJ Media has covered in which victims of child sex abuse have been handed over to their abusers while the protective parent is jailed or punished. Journalist Richard Silverstein has the story.

After the divorce, the mom shared custody of Noam with her ex-husband.  She even increased the number of days her husband took their son, because she sought to have the boy’s father in his life.

But at age 2, her son began complaining of physical pain after returning from such visits.  By the time he had learned to speak, Noam began to describe pain in his rectum to her.  She took him to the family doctor, who observed physical signs of abuse.  He recommended to child welfare authorities that the victim be examined by a medical specialist in such forensic matters, which never happened.  Later in the investigation, specialists hired by Galit, including a proctologist, found fissures in his rectum consistent with anal penetration and rape.  He determined the only possible cause of such damage was sexual abuse.  He reported this to the police and social services.

Expert after expert confirmed that the injuries sustained were child sexual abuse and that the boy could not have come by the injuries any other way. The child’s own outcries were recorded by many professionals, as he told one after the other that his father had hurt him by sticking things in his bottom.

One of Galit’s prior attorneys noted a smoking gun piece of evidence completely disregarded by child welfare authorities and the two female judges who heard the case and an appeal.  Galit brought her child to Kaplan Hospital for treatment after a weekend spent with his father.  The doctors hospitalized Noam due to the seriousness of his condition.  Doctors noted a new anal fissure and recorded the child’s account of how it happened: “Daddy pushed me from behind and made a tear.”…

During a separate medical exam, Noam said: “Daddy hurts me.  He pushes things into my behind.”  After some visits, the mother found lacerations on his body and the boy said his father had beat him.  Several of the clinical psychologists and child abuse specialists the mother visited recommended a restraining order against the father and that any contact with his son be conducted under supervision.  They also urged the court to order a psychological examination of the father to determine whether he might be likely to sexually abuse his son.  The court followed none of these recommendations.

Silverstein rightly pointed out that leveling allegations of hysteria at mothers who allege child sexual abuse is a well-known tactic of abusers. And that’s exactly what happened in this case.

After Galit filed a complaint of abuse against her husband, he then filed for custody of their son.  Coincidentally, HBO is now airing the blockbuster expose portraying Woody Allen as a sexual predator and borderline sociopath.  The series includes interviews with psychological and legal experts in sexual abuse.  Among the typical phenomena they found in the Allen v. Farrow case is when a mother files charges against a father for sexual abuse, the latter will very often immediately file for custody of the child.  It’s a clever legal tactic because it distracts from the criminal charges raised against the perpetrator and puts the mother on the defensive.  In the custody filings, the father’s attorneys will often label the mother unbalanced, hysterical, prone to fantasies, etc.  If he can make the mother out to be psychologically damaged, then her criminal charges against him will be impeached.  This is precisely what happened in Galit’s case.

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Child abusers regularly use these same tactics to get revenge on their ex-spouses and access to their victims. It also seems that Israel has a similar problem as courts in the U.S., England, and Australia, where “court professionals” are hired to come in and muddy the waters by taking an easy open-and-shut case and making it complicated and drawn out and very, very expensive.

As part of its investigation, the court ordered private consultants to observe the child and determine whether the mother’s claims were credible.  These private practitioners are paid by the state.  As such, it furnishes a considerable share of their income from such consulting work.  As the system is already predisposed to reject claims of paternal abuse, if the consultant confirms that abuse occurred, he or she will not receive future referrals. Thus, it’s in the social worker’s interest to find what the welfare authorities want them to find.

Social workers in Israel, like lawyers in England and the U.S., are warning mothers not to allege sexual abuse during custody disputes.

In many similar cases, when an Israeli mother raises claims of sexual abuse, state social workers warn her that such accusations could lead to her losing custody.  This is enough to shut many mothers up.  When faced with the prospect of losing one’s child, such a parent often would forego holding their spouse accountable for a heinous crime.  This is a method of suppressing such claims so as not to overburden the social welfare system.  It denies justice to women whose children are damaged by fathers.

In a well-known move by court-hired guns, the professionals in Galit’s case ordered psychological evaluations of her, which were twisted to suit their preferred outcome. This is exactly the same allegation that parents in Missouri have sued therapists and guardians ad litem over—the false diagnoses of bogus mental disorders intended to bias the court against a healthy parent.

In the authorities’ evaluation of Galit, they juxtaposed Avi Chai, who had remarried; with his ex-wife, who had not.  They said of the father approvingly, that he had “moved on,” while she had not.  They accused her of being jealous of her husband’s success in building a new life. In effect, they saw her charges of sexual abuse as evidence of a pathology on her part that compelled her to obsess about the past and fail to move on to the future.  The social worker who examined the case stated that something is “mentally wrong” with the mother.  There was no support in any of the child welfare evaluations of this claim.  The family law judge who found against Galit, also claimed that she hadn’t remarried because she was “stuck” in the past.

Galit was also accused of “brainwashing” her child and of having Munchausen-by-Proxy syndrome, which is a very rare disease that court professionals love to throw at bothersome mothers who make trouble for them. Children’s hospitals also lob that claim around when they are worried they will be sued for malpractice, like in the infamous Drake Pardo case in Texas. 

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…Another charge raised by investigators hired by the welfare authorities was that the mother suffered from Munchhausen-by-Proxy, a mental illness by which a mother seeks attention from the world by maintaining the child under poor living conditions, then claiming he or she had mysterious medical conditions requiring urgent medical care or hospitalization:

There was no evidence that Galit had done any of those things, but it didn’t matter. The court granted full custody to the father, and when Galit ran and hid with her child she was hunted down like a terrorist and thrown in jail. She is currently awaiting trial and facing twenty years in prison for kidnapping.

The mainstream press in Israel did a piss-poor job of reporting this story. Maybe that’s because the father in the case was a videographer for one of the large news stations there. All of the mainstream reporting was heavily skewed in his favor. Read the entire article to get the full scope of the horror of this case. Right now, that little boy is in the power of the man who he says rapes him repeatedly and brutally, and not one person in authority will help him. Instead, they have sentenced him to life with his named abuser.

The family courts are broken not just in America but across the globe, and they all appear to be heavily weighted on the side of abusers.

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