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Battleground Troubles for Biden

Battleground Troubles for Biden
AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

The bad news continues for President Joe Biden.

First, Iowa polling showed a dramatic drop in approval, but Iowa is an increasingly red state. Then, Biden saw his disapproval rise in Minnesota, but the Gopher State has voted Democrat for decades. North Carolina is another story. Though the Tar Heel State voted for former President Donald Trump twice, the margin was only 75,000 votes last November, making it a battleground state that also has a key 2022 U.S. Senate race.

Biden’s approval rating stands at 38 percent in North Carolina, and only 28 percent of nearly 900 recent respondents think the country is headed in the right direction. The High Point University poll also found 48 percent of North Carolinians disapprove of the 78 year old’s overall performance.

The plummeting polls arrive as Biden oversees several crises, including the Afghanistan withdrawal debacle; controversial mandates in the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic; confusion on his legislative agenda; and a surge of misinformation about the Haitian migrant crisis in Del Rio, Texas.


Only one in four respondents from the High Point poll also said they approved of Biden’s handling of the Afghanistan situation.

On COVID-19, nearly half of North Carolinians say they disapprove of the job Biden is doing.

A majority of respondents also disapproved of Biden’s policies on health care, the economy, and his general duties as president.

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Additionally, the commander-in-chief is seeing a dip in his national approval numbers. A Gallup poll last week found that Biden’s approval rating had fallen to 43 percent, the lowest level of support during his eight months in office.

“Even with large portions of the state leaning strongly left, there are substantial pockets of moderate and right-leaning Democrats to hold the line on much of the radical left’s agenda,” a Republican in Asheville told PJ Media Tuesday. “The presence of a vocal and popular lieutenant governor also helps. At heart, North Carolinians are a patriotic bunch, so Afghanistan really hurt Biden’s ‘market share’ and credibility. The vaccine mandate is not a popular idea with many, especially the Slavic population, who left Russia, Ukraine, and similar places to get away from governmental intrusion and overreach.”