Poll Shows Most Americans Wildly Overestimate COVID Hospitalization Risks: Is the Media to Blame?

Poll Shows Most Americans Wildly Overestimate COVID Hospitalization Risks: Is the Media to Blame?
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A new Gallup poll shows that when it comes to COVID risks, a lot of Americans have no idea what’s going on.

The poll, involving 3,158 adult Americans, tells us that 41% of Democrats believe the unvaccinated have a 50% chance of being hospitalized because of COVID. Independents believe the correct number is 26%, while Republicans came in at 22%. The correct answer: Fewer than 1% of unvaccinated people infected with COVID will have to go to the hospital.

(Credit: Gallup)

While Republicans were more likely to overestimate the risk of vaccinated COVID patients being admitted to a hospital, both groups are off by a mile.

(Credit: Gallup)

The hospitalization rate for both vaccinated and unvaccinated COVID patients is under 1%. The hospitalization rate for vaccinated COVID patients is 0.01%, or 1 out of every 10,914 patients, while the hospitalization rate for unvaccinated COVID patients is 0.89%, or 1 out of 112 patients.

This poll is based on American COVID patients and doesn’t include recent data from Israel showing that 59% of COVID patients in the hospital were fully vaccinated.

FACT-O-RAMA! Statistics from the Johns Hopkins website show us that the United States has a COVID survivability rate of 98.4%, meaning 1.6% of Americans with COVID die. Turkey has the highest survivability rate at 99.1%.

It’s no surprise that so many people on both sides of the aisle don’t have the correct answers. Politicians, celebrities, and news outlets regurgitate different COVID “information” and opinions, depending on their political leanings.

Rep. Ritchie Torres, a Democrat from New York City, wants to keep unvaccinated people off airplanes. New York’s Governor Hochul recently stated that roughly 72,000 healthcare workers will lose their jobs on September 27 if they don’t get vaccinated—the same workers who were given a hero’s parade last year.

CNN’s favorite jackpudding, Don Lemon, wants society to shun the unvaccinated, even going so far as to keep them from going into a hospital.

It’s easy to see how a liberal can absorb this insanity and believe the unvaccinated are not only vulnerable to COVID but evil.

In a rare example of media professionalism, Germany’s largest newspaper Bild (German for “Photograph”) actually apologized to the children of Germany for their COVID scare tactics. Don’t count on Don Lemon being so scrupulous.

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In a ghoulish attempt at journalism, Don Lemon went to the hospital where he was born to ask patients struggling with COVID if they regret not getting vaccinated. The answers likely surprised him.