The Morning Briefing: Biden Needs to Stop the COVID Vaccine Harassment Already

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Happy Friday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Miniature horses are all up in your business.

We’ve almost made it through this week but I’m not optimistic enough to put anything beyond next Monday on my calendar. Just curious, what does one wear to the end of the American Experiment? I would like to go out in style.


I am sure they are already aware, but I need to make sure that all of the people who voted for Joe Biden know that I’m judging them. Harshly. Not just them, but their loved ones as well. Even their descendants who have yet to be born. Heck, if I have any loved ones who voted for him I’m judging me.

Yeah, I’m not a fan.

We’ve already discussed this week that this doddering fool, who concussed people are calling the president of the United States, can’t stay up later than the early-bird special to do president stuff. At every turn, this guy is an embarrassment.

We should all remember that Joe Biden has never been the sharpest tool in the shed. Long before his recent, painfully obvious mental decline he was a stone-cold dullard who was known for plagiarism and saying inappropriate things in public.

Oh, and groping.

Again though: no mean tweets!

Now we have creepy totalitarian tweets:

Shut it, Drools.

The relentless mask/vaccine one-note messaging from the Biden administration is getting more wearisome by the minute. There are other things going on in the world that the empty husk’s handlers should be making him pretend to deal with.

Stacey wrote a great post yesterday about Biden’s flailing:

President Joe Biden took to the podium on Thursday. A conflict between Israel and Hamas rages, and the southeast is entirely out of gasoline, but he again wanted to tell Americans to get vaccinated for COVID-19. The highest inflation since 2008 and a terrible jobs report have also hit the news. And we still have an endless flow of illegal immigrants over the border. But Biden wants to talk about vaccines. It’s no wonder Press Secretary Jen Psaki tells the president, “Don’t take questions.”

After 100 days, the pandemic was the only thing a majority of Americans approved of him handling, so maybe his handlers think that this plays to his lone strength. As far as large swaths of the country are concerned, the pandemic is waning. People who wanted vaccines have gotten them, and some folks are just going to wait and see. The continual browbeating of people who do their own research and don’t trust Dr. Anthony Fauci as far as they could throw him is a waste of time.

So, Biden did his typical spiel, using moral shaming to get a vaccine and talking about the current rates. The administration keeps using a carrot-and-stick method to talk about all the cool things you can do once you get the shot. The southeastern U.S. watches this and just shakes its head. Apparently, the press corps is getting a little bored, too. As Biden shut his binder, they started shouting questions about the actual news.


Biden campaigned solely on the pandemic, and he just can’t seem to quit it. What’s most annoying now is that he’s got celebrities, social media, and the mainstream media involved in his heavy-handed mask/vaccine shaming. I have to be online for work all day and I can’t get away from vaccine information banner ads and videos. I’m fully vaccinated and this propaganda campaign is kind of making me regret it.

I know only a handful of people who haven’t gotten vaccinated yet (and still aren’t sure if they are going to) and I know for certain that this full-court press to harass everyone until they get it isn’t working. Stacey mentioned the lack of trust in Anthony Fauci, but the CDC and the government as a whole also haven’t done anything that would make skeptics trust them. Shutting down the Johnson and Johnson vaccine over something statistically insignificant no doubt moved a lot of people from “on the fence” to “no way.” One good friend was scheduled to get the J&J shot just a few days after they pulled it and he’s not interested in giving it a whirl now.

Inside every Democrat beats a totalitarian heart. They used to hide it better, but now they don’t care that everyone knows. A lot of Americans still bristle at things like that. The continued vaccine shaming isn’t going to win any hearts and minds. In fact, it’s more than likely having the opposite effect. They’d probably have more success if they dialed it all down a lot and just let people ponder without being drowned by waves of virtue signaling.


For the moment, it’s still a free country. It’s a shame that the president is too far gone to remember that.

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