PJ Lifestyle's Top 50 List Articles of 2013

shutterstock_140335888In ranking these articles over the past few months I’ve blended a number of different factors: popularity, significance of the subject matter, creativity of the arguments, originality of concept, and I’ve limited myself to only a handful of personal bias.


50. Kyle Smith: 5 Smart Comedies You Haven’t Seen on Netflix

49. Becky Graebner: 4 Ways Being a Sorority Girl Prepared Me for the Real World

48. Paula Bolyard: 5 Things Planned Parenthood Doesn’t Want You to Know About Pregnancy Resource Centers

47. Kyle Smith: The 6 Most Disgusting Horror Movies On Netflix Streaming That No Sane Person Should Ever Watch

46. Kyle Smith: 10 Amazing Criterion Collection Films On Hulu Every Sane Person Should See

45. John Boot: 5 Actors With Careers That Are Collapsing

44. Charlie Martin: 4 Weight Loss Myths Exposed

43. John Boot: 5 Reasons Zach Galifianakis Is a Hack

42. Megan Fox: 9 Reasons to Abandon the Corporate Gym for a Family Gym

41. John Boot: 4 Ways Star Trek: Into Darkness Shills for Surrender in the War on Terror 

40. Leslie Loftis: The 5 Most Under-appreciated Female Heroes

39. Becky Graebner: 4 Reasons Americans Don’t Care About Cars Anymore

38. Chris Queen: 5 Underrated Disney World Attractions You Shouldn’t Skip

37. John Boot: 5 Reasons Childish Liberals Love Their Hunger Games So Much

36. Bonnie Ramthun: 3 Reasons Why Teens Today Can’t Find Jobs

35. Kyle Smith: 5 Ways Democrats Mythologize JFK

34. Megan Fox: 9 Secrets to Keep Your Daughter From Becoming a Slut

33. John Boot: The 4 Big Lies That Ruined The X-Men Movie Franchise


32. Chris Yogerst: 5 Secrets For Thriving In A World When Everything Happens NOW

31. Walter Hudson: 7 Ways to Reboot Star Trek With a New TV Show


30. Kathy Shaidle: Talkin’ ‘Bout My Generation: 6 Gen-Xers I Can Actually Stand

29. Bonnie Ramthun: The 5 Worst Books for Your Children

28. Kathy Shaidle: Why The 3 Best Monty Python Sketches Aren’t Necessarily the Funniest

27. Paula Bolyard: 5 Covert Conservative Lessons in Downton Abbey

26. J. Christian Adams: 7 Times Downton Abbey Has Jumped the Shark

25. Kathy Shaidle: Do These 3 Things To Own Your Name on Google’s First Page

24. Kathy Shaidle: How to Go Galt: 5 Controversial Tips For Enjoying America’s Coming Collapse

23. Paula Bolyard: 7 Bad Reasons to Send Your Teens to Public Schools

22. Walter Hudson: 6 Ways Activists Sabotage Their Cause

21. Rhonda Robinson: 3 Principles of a Biblical Diet

20. John Boot: 6 Kids Films Filled With Green Propaganda

19. Chris Queen: 10 Books Every Disney Fan Should Read

18. J. Christian Adams: How 7 Crappy Green Products Threaten To Annoy Your Family

17. Paula Bolyard: 5 Reasons To Remain Optimistic That We Haven’t Lost America Yet

16. Kathy Shaidle: 6 Classic Songs That Almost Didn’t Exist

15. Dave Swindle: Don’t Forget These 10 Morally Blind Responses to 4/15/13, the Boston Jihad


14. Robert Spencer: 5 Ways Reza Aslan Lies About Christianity

13. Walter Hudson: How 6 Green Lies Threaten To Starve Your Family

12. John Boot: 5 Destructive Ideas Matt Damon Devotes His Movies To Promoting

11. Bryan Preston: The 10 Most Amazing Eateries in Austin, TX

10. Paula Bolyard: How 10 Troubling Homework Assignments Reveal the Truth About Common Core

9. Walter Hudson: 5 Ideas You Need to Escape Poverty

8. Susan L.M. Goldberg: 5 Uncomfortable Truths HBO’s Girls Reveals About American Pop Culture Today

7. Megan Fox: 8 Reasons Homeschooling Is Superior to Public Education

6. Kathy Shaidle: The 8 Most Overrated Musicians

5. Chris Queen: The 10 Things You Must Do At DisneyLand

4. R.J. Moeller: Dostoevsky’s 6 Nightmare Prophecies That Came True in the 20th Century

3. Susan L.M. Goldberg: Admiring Ann: 5 Coulterisms for Counterculture Conservatives

2. Walter Hudson: 5 Tips for Coming Out as a Black Conservative

1. Lt. Gen. Ion Mihai Pacepa: 11 Reasons To Reject JFK Assassination Conspiracy Theories


Lt. Gen. Ion Mihai Pacepa

Kyle Smith, Becky Graebner, Paula Bolyard, John Boot, Charlie Martin, Megan Fox, Leslie Loftis, Chris Queen, Bonnie Ramthun, Walter Hudson, Kathy Shaidle, Susan L.M. Goldberg…

This list offers an introduction to some of these writers’ strongest pieces but this is just the tip of the iceberg. They have each thrived in non-list format as well. In the coming weekends at PJ Lifestyle I’ll begin unveiling some of the greatest hits collections and themed article compilations of these and PJ’s other all-star writers. My hope is that these future collections can showcase clearly what I believe sincerely: the team of writers that I’m blessed to work with every day is the most talented, innovative, and exciting online. I want to see my friends succeed and more people all around the world come to recognize the extraordinary insights their articles provide.


So please check back with us at PJ Lifestyle on the weekends for more surprises…


image courtesy shutterstock /  Dirk Ercken


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