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How 10 Troubling Homework Assignments Reveal the Truth About Common Core

“White suburban moms” have more objections to the new federal education requirements than Arne Duncan's insulting caricature suggests.

Paula Bolyard


March 1, 2014 - 2:00 pm
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Now that school is in session, parents have begun sharing on Facebook and other social media outlets some of the Common Core homework assignments their children are bringing home. Below are ten really bad ones that will give you an idea of the direction education is going under Common Core. All of these assignments were shared recently on social media sites dedicated to informing parents about Common Core.

 1. Star citizen: quiet, sitting, neat

Star Citizens

This paper came from a Rhode Island first grade classroom. One mother commented, “I went to elementary school in Poland during communism. This is exactly what I was forced to learn.” It’s a step in the right direction for those who want a compliant, obedient citizenry. That said, this is not new to schools and we shouldn’t necessarily blame Common Core. Children — boys in particular — have been taught for decades that being “good” means being quiet and compliant. The link to good citizenry is something I haven’t seen before, however.

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A decadent and weak culture will be destroyed.
I am glad that America decided to kill itself.
It deserves it.
I know there are good Constitutionalists, willing to die for their beliefs.
They no longer matter.

Good luck, gay marriage, abortion on demand and unending deficits. Hope y'all aren't offended by the laughter.
1 year ago
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Saxon Math.

It's all about repition, memorization, fundamentals and thie like.

1 year ago
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I agree that some of these are very bad homework assignments. However they are similar to assignments I had in the 80s. I remember thinking that word problems were stupid, just let me pull the numbers out, but they made me do them year after year.

And understanding exaggeration was an appropriate assignment. I'm fine with the girl's approach, and perhaps it would be good to talk about exaggeration and lying (literary exaggeration like Paul Bunyon isn't believable in a literal sense), but I don't have a problem. Nor do I have a problem with Jack teaching Grandma about email. Sometimes kids actually have better ideas than adults and may be able to teach them about new technology, so what?

I have reservations about Common Core, but most of what I hear is non-specific hyperbole. Or, like this, it blames Common Core for things that have existed since long before Common Core. Common Core didn't invent the idea that numbers can be broken down into tens and ones then added together independently. Sure you can argue if it's a good teaching method, but Common Core didn't invent it. Common Core didn't invent teachers that think good little citizens are a good thing. Tell me what Common Core SAYS that you don't agree with, and then we can debate the merits of that.
1 year ago
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Oh, and I was marked off for not showing work for years, all the way into college, even when I have the correct answer. Once again that isn't new or attributable to Common Core.
1 year ago
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Just to rub salt in the wounds . . .

The teacher's comment on the second example is wrong:
is an equation.
1 year ago
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And my little girl's substitute teacher marked her correct addition as incorrect. That is an argument for the teacher, not specific to Common Core.
1 year ago
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