The Morning Briefing: Bill Maher Has Been Weirdly Making a Lot of Sense Lately

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Top O’ the Briefing

Happy Monday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. We really need to figure out who started all of this creamed corn nonsense.

What a week we just had. It was good to have something to write about for a couple of days that didn’t have anything to do with vaccines or the drooling idiot in the Oval Office.

I saw something interesting near the end of the week that I was going to write about but it got lost in all of the Rittenhouse noise. Bill Maher joined Chris Cuomo for an interview and he had a couple of those moments where he didn’t sound like a raging liberal. This is not unusual for Maher, who has more nuance than the average media lib.

While defending Dave Chappelle, Maher had some choice words about how far the left takes the trans stuff.

Fox News:

“So don’t put it into this category of ‘This is settled science.’ Anything that deviates from the one true opinion on this means you’re some horrible bigot or transphobic. That’s not what’s going on here,” Maher said. “And I don’t think Dave Chappelle is transphobic… It’s like — can we take a breath? Maybe we are going too far with the children part of this. You know, kids should not be really making decisions about their gender. I mean, Mario Lopez was almost canceled for suggesting that maybe 3-year-olds shouldn’t decide their gender. This is not crazy stuff that makes you a bigot.”

On his own show, Maher had some tough love advice for the Democrats, which A.J. wrote about:

“In plain English, nobody likes a snob. … Your micro aggression culture doesn’t play in the Rust Belt,” Maher explained Friday night during  “Real Time with Bill Maher.” “If a staffer hands you a speech that says ‘menstruating people’ instead of women, don’t say that, say women.”

Maher also criticized socialist New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the party of technocrats for their support of woke culture.

“It’s [wokeness] a joke, because it makes you think of people who wake up offended and take orders from Twitter and their over-sensitivity has grown tiresome,” the 65-year-old Maher claimed.

Maher warned Democrats not to further alienate themselves from potential 2022 and 2024 supporters — mainly whites without college degrees, a massive portion of U.S. voters.

Maher is describing something that we have discussed here before: Democratic elites in Washington seem to have never met any Democrats in flyover country. The disconnect has been there for a long time, but it’s been growing at a much quicker pace since Biden took office. There are times when it seems like they’ve split into two different parties.

A.J. notes at the top of his post that Maher isn’t exactly a favorite of many libs anymore. They’re a hive-mind over there, and deviation from the progressive orthodoxy isn’t tolerated.

Maher is still very much a leftist. He hasn’t changed, the coastal Democrats have. They keep moving ever-leftward. Republicans can rest assured that Maher’s advice will go largely unheeded by any of the major players in the Democratic Party.

For the near future, the safe money will be on them getting crazier every day.

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