Weekly Good News Round Up: Adorable Animals, Perfect Impressions, and Winning

Courtesy of Twitter/MeganFoxWriter

Hello, my lovely readers! I’ve been absent a couple of weeks with this update. Sorry. I have no excuse except that I wasn’t feeling very joyful about anything and I couldn’t fake it. But the sun is coming out again. It’s still autumn in New York, my FAVORITE time of the year and I’m still not done geeking out about it.

I take Archie Ruckus walking in the woods a lot, and the other day the wind was blowing just right to create a shower of yellow leaves like a continual blessing for our entire walk. It was gorgeous. Also, WHAT is this cloud I captured? This sucker was just wandering around dumping snow wherever it went. It was massive. Have you ever seen anything like this?

But let’s start with the obvious best news of the last decade. KYLE RITTENHOUSE IS NOT GUILTY ON ALL COUNTS. 

And, no. That is not real footage, it’s a meme. But we all felt like this didn’t we?

Speaking of all the feels…

Come on! The only thing that would make this better is if that donkey’s name was Kyle.

Put your drink down before watching this. I warned you.

This lady is a hoot. She does impressions of Nancy Pelosi that will make you scream with laughter. Those eyebrows! And also, what the heck was she talking about?


#TGIF #Nancypelosi #pelosi#greenscreen #reconciliationbill #buildbackbetter

♬ original sound – kwitten0524

You’re so vain!

Have you ever seen a baby fall in love with themselves? This is so darn adorable. You’re welcome.

I hope your Friday evening is great and the rest of your weekend is full of fun and frivolity! See you next week!