Elected Democrat Compares BLM Protesters to Animals in a Zoo...and No One Calls Him a Racist

(Gareth Fuller/PA via AP)

Roseanne Barr might want to come out of retirement to comment on the latest example of things Democrats can say that would get anyone else canceled. Former West Virginia state senator Richard Ojeda compared Black Lives Matter protesters to animals in a zoo and is going to get away with it because he doesn’t like Kyle Rittenhouse.

“Saw a great meme,” he typed. “Kyle Rittenhouse is the equivalent of someone jumping into the lions [sic] den at the zoo and then shooting the animals in self-defense. He had no reason to be in Kenosha that day. No reason at all.”

Ojeda just compared BLM protesters to violent wild animals. He thinks that’s a good analogy. 

Imagine for a moment, if you will, Donald Trump (or any Republican-adjacent person) saying the exact same thing. CNN would convene a hysterical panel of blubbering women and college professors to squeeze out tears of terror over the looming KKK comeback. They’d be seeing sheets and swastikas everywhere. They’d set crosses on fire in their own front yards to prove it. Anderson Cooper would be cutting himself on live TV to atone for his white guilt. Don Lemon would be sobbing rivers of tears onto his $1,000 shoes while defaming half of America.

Every late-night “comedian” would be waxing serious about “inequality” and “white supremacists” and urging their braindead audiences to boycott anything and everything until the doubleplusungood culprit could not walk out in public again. He or she would be followed into every restaurant and berated and subjected to a public rendition of Two Minutes Hate. There would be organized protests with manufactured signs and people bused in to scream obscenities outside the offender’s home in exchange for free pizza. The calls for cancellation would be deafening and escalating every day until whoever said it had his head removed from his shoulders, figuratively or literally.

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But lucky for Ojeda, he’s allowed to say outrageously racist things because he belongs to the party full of the only white guys in the country who are allowed to be racists. He can literally compare BLM protesters to wild zoo animals, and the hyper-sensitive left that sees racism on a box of pancake mix will look the other way.

Just like they did when Joe Biden said of Barack Obama, “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that’s a storybook, man.” No one cared about that. Or when the same bumbler called Satchel Paige “the great negro.” 

You and I know no Republican would ever survive such a gaffe. The question now becomes, why does the right allow the left to cancel them? This game is rigged. It won’t stop until everyone is in similar pain. But Republicans don’t organize or protest stupid things. None of us is in any mood to go protest outside that idiot Ojeda’s house, and none of us has access to a rent-a-mob to go do it for us. And until we do, the disparity will continue.