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WATCH: 9-Year-Old Girl Protects Mom From Purse Snatcher by Punching Him in the Face

Journee Nelson, a nine-year-old girl from West Palm Beach, Fla., came out of a grocery store with her mother, Danielle, and walked toward their car.

Suddenly a man appeared and tried to grab Danielle’s purse. She resisted and was thrown to the ground. The suspect told Danielle to let go of the purse or “you’re going to make me pop you.”

As he was reaching into his waistband, Journee appeared from the back of the car and struck the robber square in the face. The robber took off with Journee in hot pursuit. She eventually gave up after she had chased him four houses down the street.


As you can see from the video, the punch was well-thrown and landed right on the assailant’s head. It was enough to send the cowardly robber fleeing — fleeing from a nine-year-old little girl.

Fox News:

The chief told WSVN that while the girl was brave, he does not recommend anyone confront a suspected criminal.

“I wouldn’t recommend that you confront an individual like that but in the heat of the moment things happen. I bet he was shocked when she kicked him right in the face because he definitely could tell on the video that he was not expecting that, and her actions were perfect timing in this particular situation, and I think she hit him pretty hard,” Chief Frank Adderley said.

The suspect, Demetrius Jackson, was apprehended two days later. “I bet he was shocked when she hit him right on the face,” Adderley told reporters. ‘You definitely could tell on the videotape he was not expecting that. Her actions were perfect timing in this particular situation.

‘I think she hit him pretty hard,” added the chief.

The suspect’s expression on his mugshot reflects the humiliation that he must have at being pounded in the face by a 9 year old girl. As for Journee, she either wants to be a teacher or a police officer when she grows up. [West Palm Beach Police Chief let her know they were hiring.]

You get the distinct feeling that, no matter what path she chooses, people are going to be hearing more of Journee Nelson very soon.