The Morning Briefing: ACB Is In, Now Let's Savor Watching Liberals Freak Out Over Nothing

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The Notorious ACB Gives Us Something to Celebrate For the Moment

Seriously, happy Tuesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. And what a glorious day this is.

How fitting that those of us of a certain political persuasion have something to celebrate this morning, just one week away from what is almost certain to be an absolute you-know-what-show of an election. Let’s be honest, even if Trump wins big next week the Democrats are going to do whatever they can to spread their snot-bubble tantrum toxicity all over the place. If Biden wins…well, it’s been a good run, America.

OK, I’m kidding about that last line. Sort of.


For this almost frozen moment in time, however, we can celebrate Amy Coney Barrett’s swearing-in as a Supreme Court justice.

There truly is a lot to celebrate about a woman like Barrett being on the Court, and those of us who aren’t insane should take a proper amount of time to do just that.

The Democrats won’t be celebrating, of course, because they’re rabidly frothing ideological pack animals who don’t really believe in anything other than being angry all of the time. Twitchy had a great post last night that featured a couple of fantastic tweets from our own Jim Treacher that perfectly summed up just how full of crap 21st century Democrats are.

They also can’t celebrate because, despite all of their cartoonish puffery about being the party that’s highly educated, most Dems are ignorant paste-eaters when it comes to the workings of the Supreme Court. My Facebook feed since last night is filled with overwrought proclamations about the prospect of women losing all of their rights because — get this — AN INCREDIBLY SUCCESSFUL WOMAN WAS JUST PUT ON THE SUPREME COURT.

I mean, it’s almost sad to watch them torture themselves like this because they don’t have any grasp of logic. It’s like watching your dog do something over and over that’s really frustrating him but you keep letting him do it and watching to see if he’ll figure it out.

He never figures it out.

Predictably, the Democrats had a coordinated social media diaper-filling last night, all screaming to expand the Court.

Bring it.

The Democrats would have to win firm control of the Senate to accomplish this, and that could happen. If it does, it may energize a well-funded opposition movement. My friend and longtime GOP strategist Nathan Wurtzel put it very well last night:

Almost everything that the Democrats are threatening should they win is an overreach. I really hope they shoot for the moon on it all. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

The greatest thing about the Trump presidency is that he forced the Democrats to stop being coy about their inexorable march to the psychotic progressive fringe. They’d done a brilliant PR job for years that hid their true intentions from regular Americans who live outside of the coastal commie bubbles. Once the permanent screaming and tears started after Trump’s election, their intentions were laid bare.

If they want to treat this election as some sort of revenge porn if they win, let them.

For now, however, I am going to really, really, relish their anguish, mostly because it’s so patently ridiculous.

I’m going to monitor all of the caterwauling for the next few days and revel in every moment of it. Each time one of them says “popular vote” my heart is going to leap for joy. It will probably take me until the weekend to stop smiling about the fact that ACB was confirmed and sworn in on Granny Maojackets’ birthday.

What I will take the ultimate delight in though is the knowledge that, even as cranky as I can be, I will never in my worst moment be as miserable as any of them are at their happiest.

Oh, and I understand how the Supreme Court works.

Namaste, mis amigos.

ICYMI Because Twitter Is Shadowbanning Me a Lot Lately

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