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NASA Legend Buzz Aldrin Endorses Martha McSally in AZ Senate Race

(Neil A. Armstrong/NASA via AP)
Buzz Aldrin Is Still the Man

Arizona Republican Senator Martha McSally has been consistently trailing gun-grabber Mark Kelly in the polls here in my native state, but she has been picking up some key endorsements of late.

At the beginning of the month, my Townhall colleague Bronson Stocking wrote about three of Kelly’s fellow astronauts enthusiastically endorsing McSally:

“We remember a not-so-distant past when the Air Force wouldn’t let women fly in combat. Instead of sitting down accepting the status quo, McSally stood up, fought for change and made strides for generations of women to follow her,” astronauts Tom Stafford, Charlie Duke and Jack Lousma wrote in an OpEd recently published in The Arizona Central.

The astronauts say that while McSally has a record of accomplishments to point to, Kelly’s positions remain largely unknown. The three are accusing Kelly of hiding his left-wing agenda behind the word “astronaut.”

“But having ‘astronaut’ on your resume does not mean you’d be a good U.S. senator,” the astronauts write. “Mark Kelly is hoping Arizonans are so impressed with his background that they ignore the fact that he’s supported radical gun control activists, that his plan for the eventual government takeover of health care would end Medicare as we know it, and that he’d vote to raise our taxes.”

Over the weekend, my RedState colleague Becca Lower reported that Buzz Aldrin — the second man ever to walk on the moon — has expressed his admiration for, and endorsement of, Sen. McSally:

Aldrin is a very youthful 90 years old and rather fond of Twitter. He gave a nice plug to his fellow fighter pilot McSally after the announcement:

I’ve been watching a lot of sports recently, so I’ve been subjected to more political ads than I have had to deal with in a very long time, most of them having to do with this Senate race. It’s true, the gist of most of Kelly’s ads is “I’m an astronaut, so vote for me.”

If Kelly were the slightest bit honest, Arizona voters would be rejecting him. Sadly, he’s flush with outside cash and is running on a platform of obfuscation. He will be an absolute disaster for Arizona and the country if he wins this race.

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Kelly has been stealthily hiding his anti-Second-Amendment agenda all the while being indirectly aided by Michael Bloomberg-funded gun grabbers. Arizona has a significant older population, which accounts for the effectiveness of the television ads Kelly has been able to afford with the out-of-state money he’s swimming in.

Buzz Aldrin’s endorsement would have been a lot more helpful if it had come earlier, no doubt, but it’s nice to have it for the final push. He is the most iconic and legendary living astronaut, after all.

Now we just have to hope that the polls are spectacularly wrong once again.

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