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If Ka-MAL-a Harris Mispronounces Her Own Name Does That Make Her a Racist Too?

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We have been assured by the woke crowd and their transcriptionists in the mainstream media that any mispronunciation of Kamala Harris’s name is an act of racism.

Over the weekend, The Washington Post reported that any mispronunciation of Harris’s name was an affront.

“Mispronouncing ‘Kamala’: Accident or message?” read the headline.

The thesis by the Post writers is that mispronunciations – intentional or unintentional – are a racist dog whistle to “Trump’s base” after Senator David Perdue became the latest to joke about it on the campaign trail.

The Biden-Harris campaign has largely remained silent on the issue, reluctant to amplify what they see as a racist appeal to Trump’s base. But some Harris allies said they found Perdue’s remarks this weekend particularly galling.

“Well that is incredibly racist,” Harris’s press secretary, Sabrina Singh, tweeted after the rally.

Of course, Harris has been in public life in California and on the national stage for several years now. And, to the little extent that anyone ever thought about how her name sounds, there is still confusion – in California and everywhere else in the US.

But as I’ve noted, things have changed. Now it’s racist to mispronounce her name, which is sacred and means “lotus” in Sanskrit, you racist nincompoop.

Her backers have opted to label as racist the people who don’t say her name the way she instructed Whoopi Goldberg to say it awhile back on “The View.”

“It’s Comma-la. Just think of it as a comma and add a la.”

Any other pronunciations are racist.

So how to explain Comma-la announcing her name in her “are we in Cleveland?” speech over the weekend. Wait for it at the end of this video.

It sounds to me like COMMA-la pronounces her own name CAM-a-la in the above tweet. What now?

How about if we stop racializing every little thing and encourage COMMA-la/CAM-a-la and her supporters to man-up? If she wants to be number two in the White House and deal with people of all political beliefs, she might want want to toughen up a bit. We’ll all get her name down eventually.

However, the woman named the most leftist senator might want to get used to hearing what a lot of people think she is anyway: Commie-la.

Is that racist too?

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