Daughters Guilt Dying Father Into Changing Vote to Biden, and They Think This is a Heart Warming Tale

Twitter video screenshot (@jadedcreative) of daughter claiming to have convinced her dying father to vote for Joe Biden.

Tik Tok isn’t just a plague on humanity because it comes from China, it’s also a bottomless pit of narcissistic attention-seekers looking for their fifteen minutes of infamy. This girl and her sisters in the video below take the cake for thoughtless malarkey posted online. While I’m leaning towards, “This never happened,” if it did, it’s truly gross. This woman claims that she and her sisters guilted their dying father, a Trump supporter, into changing his vote to Biden for them. The question should be asked: If your dad is dying are you seriously going to spend his last moments on earth haranguing him about politics? Shameful.

This seems like a manufactured story that was posted in order to gain a lot of views. I hope no one is this desperate and grasping to take some of the last moments they have with their father to campaign for their favorite candidate. And if they did do this, I hope he lied. I would have lied, too, just to shut them up. Reactions are predictably good.

There is no doubt that if you take your father’s last days and turn them into a campaign commercial to force him to go against his dearly held morals and beliefs, you have major character flaws. Maybe, when their dad is gone, these sisters will regret spending so much time harassing him in his final days for political reasons. That goes for both sides. If anyone did this to their dying Biden-supporting father, I’d have the same opinion. Think of all the time they could have spent looking at family photos or playing cards instead. Two thumbs down.

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