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[VIDEO] Shrieking Harpies Accost Lindsey Graham at the Airport—and Instantly Regret It

(Twitter video screenshot)

Lindsey Graham gets a lot of criticism from both sides, but when he morphs into Lindsey 2.0, red America loves it. If you want that Graham, all you need to do is send some harpies with a camera to heckle him—he always performs at peak Lindsey 2.0 level. Personally, I feel we need more of these videos. Senator Graham, would you please make being chased around by lunatics a weekly event?

Watch Graham stand his ground while being polite and hilarious to these screeching loons trying to convince us that Seattle is “great” (is that in the antifa war zone part of town or the forest fire part of town?) and Amy Coney Barrett is unqualified and a racist to boot! Sure, Jan.

These people are so unhinged. Don’t forget the time Graham was accosted by screamers at the Kavanaugh hearings and he laughed at them? That was epic. I made that screenshot of him my wallpaper for a while. This is the way to react to these people every time. And we need more of Graham showing us how it’s done.

For more on Lindsey 2.0 see Ben Shapiro’s monologue on it from a couple years ago.