Election 2020

Rumor Mill Speculates That Christopher Wray Is Toast if Trump Wins

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Promises, promises.

Fox News is reporting that a “senior white house official” is saying that the FBI Director, Christopher Wray, will be fired immediately upon a Trump win in November. The fact that this story is based on an unnamed source should be your first clue that it’s probably garbage. If it’s true that some staffer leaked this information, he or she should be tracked down and fired. But more likely, this report is as credible as any conversation a drunk overhears in a bar and repeats.

But the question remains: Should Christopher Wray be fired? I think the answer is: “yesterday.”

There is no excuse for the director of the FBI, who has been ordered to declassify emails and documents related to Crossfire Hurricane, to refuse to do his job and release the records without excessive redactions. Look at how Wray responded to a records request made by Congress. Is this a joke? (Watch Senator Ron Johnson show the documents he received from Wray’s office.)

What Wray did is insubordination. He was ordered to declassify documents. Instead, he sent a giant middle finger in black Sharpie to the American legislative branch. He should have been fired immediately. I don’t know why the president is waiting until after the election—if that’s the plan. Sack him now!

Also, I’m disappointed in Fox for using “unnamed sources.” Do better.

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