Joe Biden Called a Lid Again on Monday, Something POTUS Can Never Do


After calling it quits for the day before lunchtime on Sunday, alleged Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden called a lid early again on Monday. Fox News and other outlets report that Biden has no campaign events scheduled for today, even as President Donald Trump blitzes through must-win Pennsylvania.

Another day, another lid.

It wasn’t that long ago — just a few weeks, really — that we were making fun of Biden for campaigning from his basement.

It was easy to do, too. Even from the comfort of his own home, and presumably with as many takes as time allowed, Biden’s little campaign videos were notorious for their low production values and for the candidate’s inability to read from a teleprompter.

These days, Biden isn’t even doing that much, as he’s barely been seen in public in the days before or since last week’s second and final presidential debate.

Biden took four days to prepare for a debate for an office he’s been running for since 1987. Now he’s taking just as much time to rest up from the 90-minute performance — and he was barely there for the last half-hour.

A president lives in luxury: A big mansion with every amenity and people taking care of you every minute of the day if need be. There’s the private limo, and even a private helicopter to whisk you away to your weekend retreat. Hell, the private helicopter usually only takes you as far as the private jet that can whisk you anywhere in the world, even during a nuclear war.

And yet, a president does not live a life of luxury. There’s always someone or something demanding your time and your decision-making skills, from praising some local charitable organization on their latest effort, to responding to nuclear provocations from Vladimir Putin.

It’s a demanding job, and for four years it literally never stops.

Eight if we’re lucky (in this case).

Out of curiosity, I decided to see what a president’s daily schedule is like during an off-year with no elections. I figured I’d peek at an off-month, one with no major political or holiday events.

That’s how I found President Trump’s schedule for Thursday, February 7, 2019.

Joe Biden lid

Maybe the National Prayer Breakfast is kind of a big deal, so let’s take a look at Wednesday and Friday of the same week.

Nothing big that morning or evening, but Trump had an early Wednesday afternoon busier than anything Biden has done in months.

Friday was a bit busier.

Some might say it isn’t fair to include a day that includes the president’s annual physical, even if it was picked out at random.

Then again, it isn’t like a man of Biden’s age and apparent declining health could afford to call a lid on his own checkup.

Many have asked, “How can Biden handle the White House if he can’t even handle running for it?”

But only VodkaPundit has the answer.

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First, President Biden (God forbid) would likely have to publish a weekly schedule instead of the traditional daily schedule.

A daily calendar filled with basically nothing wouldn’t look very good, would it?

President Biden’s (God forbid) weekly schedule might look something like this:

The President’s Weekly Schedule for February 14-21, 2021

  • Sunday: Rest up from Saturday state dinner attended by that one diplomat we like, you know, the guy.
  • Monday: Public appearance, wave from Oval Office Window at award-winning Girl Scouts watching from White House lawn. Nap.
  • Tuesday: Rest up for annual physical at Walter Reed.
  • Wednesday: Rest up for annual physical at Walter Reed.
  • Thursday: Rest up for annual physical at Walter Reed.
  • Friday: Annual physical at Walter Reed.
  • Saturday: Rest up from annual physical at Walter Reed, play checkers.

And so it goes, until Kamala Harris finally gets bored enough to pull a 25th Amendment legal coup.

But I’m not a totally unfair pundit.

I’m willing to at least stipulate that perhaps Biden’s health isn’t as bad as it appears.

Maybe, physically and even intellectually, Joe Biden is fully competent to serve as president of the United States.

Maybe — just maybe — calling all these lids is merely his way of hiding from the press during the ongoing Hunter Biden Sex and Drugs Tape scandal [NSFW link].

Well, what of it? Isn’t that arguably just as bad?

With all his questionable family members and assorted hangers-on, President Biden wouldn’t dare leave the Presidential Nuclear Bunker, much less do his part in the daily give-and-take between the press and the White House.

From there, things get worse.

In the absence of a strong chief executive, the mice will play.

Think of all the assorted left-wing nutjobs Biden has surrounded himself with in order to pander to the Bernie Bros and The Squad’s fan club.

Now picture all of them with no adult supervision, and with the enormous Executive branch to boss around however they like — all while Joe hides in the White House basement, drooling on his checkerboard.

I hope I didn’t put you off your lunch with that image.

I’ll give the last word to President Trump.

“No, no, he has. He’s waved a white flag on life. He doesn’t leave his basement.”

Senile, scared, and stupid is no way to go through four years as president, Joe.

Joe Biden Called a Lid, Ditching 1/3rd of Campaign, Harris Shaking Off the Press



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