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"Pope St. John XXIII wrote that a progressive tax code is required by 'justice and equity'... This plan breaks that promise."
Dems argue that the plan "stinks" and will end up hiking taxes on many in the middle class.
"'re smarter than this."
"It’s a thin margin; we have 52," Perdue acknowledges. "Sometimes I wonder if we have 48 or 49, I’m not sure. But 52, and so they all vote independently.”
"It's definitely better than whatever Trump is proposing..."
They believe it's time for the Johnson Amendment to be repealed.
“We’re going to keep everybody here until Christmas if we have to. I mean, I don’t care. We’ve got to get this done."
Pocan: "We have a lot of folks that have a lot of different loopholes, I would call them, that come in and want us to protect what they have."