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Fueled by "high morale, great preparations" and "our hatred of terrorism," SDF moves into Raqqa.
Son of Syrian refugees explains real reasons behind the conflict.
ISIS has lost every Raqqa op battle to SDF, which recently liberated a number of Yazidi sex slaves.
50 deaths a day, with a crematorium burning bodies...
Regime "continues to systematically abduct and torture civilian detainees, often beating, electrocuting, and raping."
"Some aspect of rough living" should make kids good terrorists, group says.
Deal to end battle in Tabqa "prevented a potential humanitarian disaster," says DoD.
Kremlin said Trump and Putin discussed meeting, which White House later confirmed.
SDF "dominating" ISIS in offensive to retake Raqqa, "not an area that they're just going to give up very easily."
Well that's an adjustment of Trump policy...
"I think it sent a wrong message not only to Assad but I think to Russia as well."
Just how powerful is that big bad Russian bear?