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Toner: "They've lost territory. How do we leverage that success? ... What are the next challenges?"
On International Women's Day, women are destroying the terrorists whose oppression they survived.
Townsend says "there were U.S. forces in the area" at the time, a few kilometers away from airstrikes.
Terrorists leaving explosive booby traps in people's refrigerators and kitchen cupboards as they flee.
Kirk says Trump shouldn't repeat Obama mistakes and should take advantage of regime change opportunities.
"They're appealing to groups of people who want to believe them in the first place," Breedlove tells Senate.
"Those terrorists in Syria, holding the machine gun or killing people, they [appear as] peaceful refugees in Europe or in the West."
Men and women from liberated towns outside the Syrian city are joining the force to defeat ISIS.
Boys had been ordered "to carry out the execution sentence on two civilians in front of their families."
Yes, it seems he feels safer in Syria.
“It’s not that there’s something inherently evil about the people of Syria," says Labrador.
White House pins wording of travel block on Congress as senators say it wasn't vetted.