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Argues Congress should not wait until after midterms to seek impeachment: "He will have destroyed this country by then."
"Smashing the DC Monopoly" is a must read if you want to drain the D.C. swamp.
Dem Rep. Sherman: "Only incompetent collusion is detectable collusion."
House minority leader on "almost an all-out war" in Congress: "This is a different breed of cat."
House and Senate committees have asked for Comey memos and any Oval Office recordings.
Congressman thanks attorney general, with whom he met Saturday and today, for "respecting my decision."
Ranking member wants "immediate emergency hearings" with Sessions.
Administration has said it's studying president's campaign promise to move to Jerusalem.
Grassley, Chaffetz tell Price to bring employee directives in line with the law.
Perry predicts voters will be "forgiving" if Mexico doesn't pay.
House chairman argues reform bill keeps Dodd-Frank era bureau "within the bounds of the law."