Not Paying 'Her Fair Share': Embattled Rep. Katie Porter Now Facing FEC Complaint

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Not for the first time, Rep. Katie Porter (D-CA) is involved in questionable activities. PJ Media has learned the Committee to Defeat the President — a political action committee (PAC) that began in 2013 as an anti-Hillary PAC and is now an anti-Biden (PAC) — filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) against Porter last Friday. The complaint alleges that Porter continued “to reap the benefits of subsidized affordable housing in a pricey housing market” even after being elected to the U.S. House of Representatives over four years ago. That subsidy for housing “effectively amounts to an illegal campaign contribution.”


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“Prior to becoming a member of Congress, Porter was a law professor at the University of California Irvine (‘UC Irvine’),” the complaint says. “As a UC Irvine law professor, she took advantage of a housing benefit for university employees and purchased a home in University Hills, an academic community on the UC Irvine campus developed to provide affordable housing to ‘eligible full-time employees.’”

“The median home values in University Hills are significantly below the median home price in Irvine and there is a waiting list for this significant housing benefit,” states the complaint. “In fact, while Porter was being recruited by UC Irvine in 2009, she joined the University Hills waiting list and delayed joining the faculty until housing became available in 2011.”

And since “[e]ligibility for University Hills residency is dependent on UC Irvine employment” and “Porter was elected to Congress in 2018, took office in 2019, and has been on unpaid leave from UC Irvine since 2019…Porter has not been an active ‘full-time’ employee at UC Irvine since 2019, [nonetheless] she continues to reap the benefits of subsidized affordable housing in a pricey housing market,” the complaint continues.

“Once again, woke progressives like Rep. Porter are happy to receive government-funded salaries, benefits, and now subsidized housing for themselves, while driving our economy into the gutter and doing everything possible to squelch opposition,” Dan Backer, counsel to the Committee to Defeat the President, told PJ Media. “Porter should pay her fair share like everyone else,” he added.


A UC Irvine (UCI) spokesperson told Fox News Digital that “Porter is a UCI faculty member on an approved leave without pay.” Faculty on approved leave without pay “remain UCI employees, and as such, they can maintain their homes in University Hills,” the UCI spokesperson said. “Those who take these leaves without pay generally do so to perform outside work in academia or industry … or in public service, as is the case with Porter.”

“Home prices there are below market value because [sic] of the university maintains ownership of the land and leases it to the homeowners — because of this ground lease, homeowners own their houses but not the land beneath it. As a result, home prices remain below-market,” the UCI spokesperson said, rejecting the “subsidy” argument.

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Porter herself, though, has not been not above several cringe-worthy controversies in her short tenure in the House. This past summer she publically denounced and fired her staffer and a veteran for “giving her COVID.” Then, according to Fox News Digital, “Porter made headlines in October when text messages between her and Irvine, California, Mayor Farrah Khan, were published that showed the Democrat Senate hopeful berated the city mayor and insulted the city police department…Porter also trashed the Irvine police department after the arrest [of the man she lives with], calling the force a ‘disgrace’ and saying she ‘will never trust them again.'” The man, Julian Willis, was arrested at Porter’s town hall event after he allegedly punched a pro-Trump attendee in the nose.


In January PJ Media reported that Porter “made racist comments to her staff and ridiculed others for reporting sexual harassment” and also “made fun of individuals whose parents passed away from COVID”– but don’t worry because not one of the Big Three legacy media outlets covered her alleged racist and hatefully boorish behavior.

Ted Harvey, chairman of the Committee to Defeat the President PAC, told PJ Media he believes that “Rep. Porter needs to be held accountable to American voters, and the committee will stop at nothing to demand accountability. It’s time to drain the Washington swamp for good, and that starts with calling out left-wing hypocrites like Porter.”

Man, it must be nice to be an entitled Democrat in California these days. In the Once Golden State™, civil servants can take advantage of taxpayers and the University of California system to undeservedly benefit from subsidized affordable housing that their constituents can’t qualify for or afford. Just remember to put the “D” behind your name, amiright?

Keep it classy, Katie.


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