The Morning Briefing: The Democrats Are Everything They Say They Fear About Trump

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Happy Wednesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Werzentuck continued to wow with his "Salami and Custard Bar" at the monthly Full-Contact Cribbage Tournament. 


The panic among the Democrats is never more evident than when I am perusing the opinion sections of The New York Times and The Washington Post every weekday morning. I can almost smell the flop sweat through my laptop these days. 

The flying monkeys in the mainstream media know that they have their hands full with a candidate whose last brain cell exited the premises ages ago. They can't really make the case for a second Biden term, and they're always desperate to distract from his latest assault on the English language. The game plan is to try and get people to look the other way by becoming even more hysterical about Donald Trump.

Yeah, I know, I keep hoping that they'll eventually wear themselves out with that too. 

From the moment that the upper echelon Dems realized that their collection of corrupt prosecutors and judges might not get Trump out of the way in time, they dispatched their media minions to do what they do best: make up things to frighten their ignorant, hive mind base. 

There has been a steady media diet of "Trump is Hitler" from the people who are actually fomenting and excusing Nazi sentiments on college campuses. It's a bit surreal even for those of us who are used to the Democrats and all of their projection. 

Yesterday, our sister site Twitchy reported that former FBI Director James Comey has crawled out of his lair to be the harbinger of doom about a second Trump term:


Comey, of course, is still bitter that his efforts to derail Trump in the 2016 election were thwarted. He is a tedious man who is fueled by bitterness, which is why he's so comfortable around progressives. 

His timing was extra clownish, given this news that Grayson wrote about yesterday:

We all know that the FBI's raid on former President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago residence back in August 2022 for the seizure of "classified documents" was a political hit job by Joe Biden's handlers and Merrick Garland. That started this whole lawfare mess that we're seeing now.

The politicization of it only became more obvious to everyone who hasn't kept up with it earlier this month, when it was revealed that a photo circulating online of "Secret" and "Top Secret" documents found at Mar-a-Lago was allegedly staged, as independent journalist Julie Kelly reported and our own Matt Margolis commented on.

But now Kelly has revealed how much dirtier the whole thing may have been: The FBI was apparently authorized to use deadly force for the raid.


Ya see, Jimbo, the bad people are already using the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation to target political enemies. Attorney General Merrick Garland may officially be the chief law enforcement officer of the United States, but he's really just a petty thug who's heading up a goon squad that does the bidding of an angry, senile old man. 

While the abuse of power is happening in real time, Democrats and their MSM propagandists are caterwauling about what Trump might do. They can't point to anything he did in his first term, because he isn't any of the things that they say he is. 

Facts, however, have never played a part in the MSM's storytelling about Trump. The stories will become ever more outlandish, especially if the jury in the Manhattan kangaroo court doesn't play along. Trump will soon be a seven-headed, fire-breathing dragon in all the editorial cartoons. Maybe he is already, I haven't checked lately. 

If Trump does win and manifest all of their nightmares, it would essentially be quid pro quo. I'm not rooting for that, mind you. 

At least I think I'm not. 

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