Illegal Arrested for Child Trafficking in Wisconsin, but Not Like You Think

AP Photo/Gregory Bull

Not counting the Amazing Chilean Burglar-Tourists (that's my new band name, copyright pending), this is the ninth time I have written about crimes that would not have happened if we had a secure border since starting with PJ Media.

This one happened in Fond Du Lac County in Wisconsin, specifically in Oakfield (hello again, Wisconsin readers).

An unidentified man, here illegally from Nicaragua since October 2021, was recently arrested by the Fond Du Lac County Sheriff's Office for, and I quote, "sexual assault of a child, false imprisonment, child human trafficking, failure to protect a child, and others," according to Sheriff Ryan Waldschmidt in We Are Green Bay.

What happened specifically was that on Sunday, a 12-year-old girl appeared at the 911 caller's doorstep seeking help, having managed to fight off and escape her attacker, who held her in a vehicle, blindfolded her, and was assaulting her.

Where it gets truly disturbing is that this monster did not kidnap her or abduct her. Instead, and I am not making this up, he paid the girl's mother to let him be alone with her.

I know — you're not the only one wondering how that makes sense. Evidently, the mother knew the guy (great judge of character there, mom) and had been arrested as part of the investigation. Authorities are looking into her own immigration status.

Thankfully, the girl and her siblings are in protective custody.

Until a criminal complaint is filed and the suspects are charged, this is pretty much all we know.

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WISN provided a bit more of what Sheriff Waldschmidt said after the arrest:

This young girl not only bravely escaped her captor, but she was very articulate in the information she provided, and it was very soon on or early on the deputies realized the magnitude of the case. We believe her mother actually transacted money with a male known to mom. This male paid her mother for time alone with her and then transported her out to a remote area.

The part I have the hardest time understanding is the girl's mother taking money from this guy so he can be alone with her. What kind of parent listens to a request like "I want to be alone with your daughter; I'll pay you," and says, "Okay, you have a deal," rather than immediately calling the cops?

Then again, there are people out there these days who have "parent-run minor accounts," where they sell photos of their kids and have them chat online with pedophiles and other people who make their kids "transition" or raise them as "nonbinary."

Still, how many more Americans have to suffer because of this border crisis? Hundreds? Thousands? Millions?

I am not the only one asking that, as more and more voters are speaking out against the wide-open border and are leaning in favor of mass deportations.

Even my normally Trump-disliking, soon-to-be-immigrant wife is rooting for it, having seen videos on social media of all the illegal immigrants from Venezuela stuffing New York City to the gills.

Of course, nobody in the White House is going to listen until Trump hopefully gets back in office in January since the millions they have brought in already are their ticket to staying in power forever.


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