The Morning Briefing: Even Now, Democrats Are Having a Hard Time Breaking Up With Their Terrorist Pals

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Happy Thursday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Berklym wasn’t willing to rest on his laurels, despite his undisputed fame in the world of chocolate-macadamia Bonsai enthusiasts.


Yesterday, we focused on just a couple of Democrat ne’er-do-wells who have a deep and abiding affection for terrorists like the Hamas cowards who attacked Israel last weekend. More than enough time has passed for all of the other Democrats in the country to separate themselves from and disavow the likes of the execrable Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar, the two most prominent terrorist appeasers in Congress.

There has been some of that here and there, but not enough to convey a sincere break from the evildoers of the world. As we’ve discussed a couple of times this week, the Democrats have been in denial about Islamic terrorists almost since the dust from the fallen twin towers settled after 9/11. They’re obviously having a difficult time reorienting themselves.

As Matt reported yesterday, Team Joe Biden’s Brain is still refusing to find anything wrong with giving Iran $6 billion and hasn’t announced any plans to refreeze assets. Even the most casual observer of current affairs knows that Iran has been the Middle East terrorists’ ATM for a very long time. What could possibly go wrong if they suddenly received a windfall?

Kevin has a story about a Colorado politician named Tim Hernandez who smugly refused to condemn a rally supporting the Hamas savagery:

The man shooting the video confronts Hernandez about “the fact that you can’t condemn women and children being murdered in the streets.”

“What about it?” Hernandez asks with a grin one would associate with eating human waste.

When pressed about whether he condemns the slaughter, Hernandez smiles, shakes his head, and says, “I already said..”

“Why can’t you say yes?” the reporter asks.

“I already gave you my answer,” Hernandez shoots back.

“You didn’t give an answer, and I think anyone who watches would understand,” the reporter continues.

“All three people who are gonna watch your b*llsh*t video,” Hernandez quips.


There isn’t any ambiguity in what’s going on in Israel. It shouldn’t be difficult to come up with a variety of ways to disparage and condemn Hamas and anyone who supports them. Unless, of course, you too support evil, which Hernandez apparently does.

Thanks to Kevin and others, a lot more than three people have seen this video now.

Let us now turn our thoughts to the 2020 George Floyd Summer of Riotous Love. The organizers and presenters of that episode — Black Lives Matter — are Hamas supporters, which Rebecca Downs wrote about over at Townhall:

And yet groups like Chicago’s Black Lives Matter still delight in supporting Hamas, as Katie covered on Tuesday. While the group went and deleted a particularly horrific post from their X account, they still doubled down.

The deleted post in question showed a graphic of a Hamas terrorist paragliding into a musical festival where over 260 people were killed. The stories shared from survivors have been absolutely harrowing. “I STAND WITH PALESTINE” read the graphic.

“That is all that is it!,” read the caption for the tweet.

Rebecca goes into detail about how Chicago BLM really doesn’t back away from the sentiment of the tweet, even though it was deleted. It’s important to remember that the Democrats are — to this day — BLM’s biggest cheerleaders.

Also over at Townhall, Matt Vespa has a story about idiot New York congressman Dan Goldman trying to defend Rashida Tlaib for continuing to display the Palestinian flag. Goldman’s idiotic interference for Tlaib is essentially, “But conservatives and Nazis and stuff!”


The words are simple: “Hamas is evil.” There are only three of them, none longer than two syllables.

It should be easier than this to find a Democrat who can say them.

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