The Morning Briefing: America's Looming National Divorce Is Beyond Couples Counseling

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Happy Wednesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Jurgen was determined to get past his spectacular flame-out as a competitive yak groomer.


Ever since my favorite loose cannon Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) mentioned a “national divorce,” many have speculated about what that might look like, or if it’s even possible. I go back and forth between thinking that we’re perilously close to it and that we’re in the middle of it now. I did a podcast at the beginning of the month saying that we’ve already had it so, yeah, I’m all over the place on the subject. One thing is certain: the Democrats are determined to make sure that our differences are irreconcilable.

I’ve spent most of my adult life in the entertainment industry, surrounded by my political opposites. For decades, we always found a way to make that work. Now when I look at American leftists, it doesn’t feel as if we’re living in the same country. I know I haven’t changed, politically, anyway. This is all on them.

Just looking around at what’s going on here early in the week, the news is full of evidence that there is a chasm between right and left in America that’s growing and more than likely has reached a size that can’t be bridged.

The spectacle surrounding the potential indictment and arrest of Donald Trump is tawdry, low-rent gutter politics at its worst. Of course, the Democrats’ animosity towards Trump is purely political, as Victoria wrote yesterday:

In New York, Trump used to be The Man. When he ran for office as a Republican, he became a political target of destruction. Now the Left is targeting Trump in a courtroom. Again.


Speaking of not changing, Trump hasn’t done much of that over the years. All of the New York libs I know who spent his entire presidency insisting that they always found him objectionable never complained about him when he used to identify as a Democrat in the early aughts.

As I wrote in Monday’s Briefing, none of this is going to work out for the Democrats the way they think it will. Their rabid partisan hatred has made them myopic. They can’t see that their blood lust for Trump is going to haunt them long after he is out of the picture.

There are a couple of more things floating about the news cycle that are snapshots of the great divide in America right now.

Kevin has a story about the COVID tyrants’ uncurable addiction to fearmongering:

The doomsday emo-dolts at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) hit the pause button on their Joy Division cassette tape long enough to warn us of a mysterious new fungus that can be deadly to people who contract it. It’s called Candida auris, aka C. auris.

It turns out, as Kevin reports, that not only is it not time to hit the panic button, but there shouldn’t even be one to hit when it comes to this. But that isn’t keeping the CDC and their pals at the World Health Organization from doing their best Stephen King turn and trying to write a horror story about the fungus.

Those of us here in conservative America are still painfully aware of how the government used fearmongering propaganda to get us into the mess that we’re in now. They don’t understand that they aren’t going to get to play COVID fascists with the next health “threat.”


But they’re going to keep trying.

Athena wrote yesterday that we’re a “step closer” to this national divorce based on a recent development:

The level of acrimony between the blue and the red in the United States has increased so precipitously in the past decade that many people on both sides of the issue have begun to ponder whether it’s time for a national divorce. Sadly, it seems this may already be taking place in some ways, as Americans relocate in accordance with their political and social beliefs. And now, the process is entering a political-economic phase with the announcement of a multi-state alliance to combat ESG (“environmental, social, governance”) policies.

The ESG nonsense is yet another way that Democrats have found to pollute seemingly every aspect of life in America with their politics. People of all political persuasions are having their retirement pensions used to fund woke leftist things that many would find objectionable. The Dems have found a way to make even non-union people have their money hijacked for leftist purposes.

Red states and blue states have problems beyond differences in ideology. We’re barely speaking the same language anymore. It’s ugly and — Spoiler Alert! — it’s going to get much uglier between now and November 2024. Divorce is never pretty, but some are much worse than others.

The one that America is experiencing has a scorched earth feel to it.

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